Why You Should Quit League Of Legends

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41 thoughts on “Why You Should Quit League Of Legends”

  1. Glad that I dont like league of legends, I just dont like these type of games, I like racing games more and I think this genre don't destroy your dopamine system too much

  2. I had a similiar story when I was 17 I was bored and mentally exausted of league of legends I tried other games but It never clicked and league stopped clicking, my brother went to the gym and asked if i wanted to come along I said well im bored might as well give it a try I liked the exercise part but the most exciting part was competing with my brother after quarentine we had to be at home and we both stopped going so we lost the rivary a while back If i stayed i would try to chase competitive bodybuilding probally but i lacked a rival I didnt liked training alone basically I decided to join martial arts because the thing i like is the competition since I also played alot of fighting games It was instant love I joined muay thai and im loving it I gave my best all the time and feel acomplished with it, Im also im a group class seeing experienced people training makes me pump up and they helped me alot and guide me in sparring. so to anyone reading this find what works out for you if you like football (example) go for it and focus on it.

  3. Not all the time i start working out because of anime and continue because i m not good enough in lol i eat healty and sleep 8 hours every day i will try to win life because leage tought me this way and motivated me it to this in now days i only play 1 a week if i have the time but I never for get what this game and anime give me: Motivation to start lifting, eat good, sleep enaught, but peopels missing the point you play 6hr a day whit this game. This game give you the motivation to change the Word and you still play video games,my friend 1 say this: the worst thing in leage is the game and the best thing is the motivation .

  4. I can LoL with my friends when I have the free time apart from the gym and school, other times, I play with it my sister's bf and it's a great bonding time

  5. Bro you know being bullied or included is based on looks and height just like dating. Why is the stereotypical gamer either skinny and ugly or short and fat? If you look at any friend group, the one that gets treated the worse is the ugliest or shortest and the one that gets treated the best is the best looking. Women especially make life easy for chad they invite him out and stuff thats why hes not addicted to video games or anime and his life literally is a harem anime. Ive spent my entire senior year of high school trying to talk to girls and they left me on seen lol cause im 5’7 an ugly. My stacy friend ghosted me for a guy whose 7 inches taller than me and is better looking. I hope i get another growth spurt to ascend at least a little. Scottie pippen had a growth spurt after 18 so i hope that happens to me lol. This is going to be the loneliest and most shallow generation and you must recognize that all that matters in this life is height and face and everything else shall come in place.

  6. I used to instalock Teemo for Midlane 🙁
    I have unnistalled LoL a few years ago , but if I were to randomly play one match idk why … I would still INSTALOCK TEEMO XD

  7. Imma send it yo my brother. Honestly I wnated to ask if you could make a video about if Adonis had a Jeffrey brother. This is the next best thing cuz hes on the computer every single day.

  8. Actually i had kind of the same experience with league:
    Back in the quarantine times me and the boys(15yo) used to play league every day for hours instead of paying attention to our online meetings. I had the best knowledge of the game among them and while they played just for fun i felt like i played for the grind and for the competition. I was watching lol content the time i was not playing and league was already my life (even when i went out i was constently thinking of it). When the quarantine ended and we went back to school we agreed on deleting league to end our addiction. I did not because of how addicted i was. I continiued to watch lol content and tutorials every single day and i would love going back home on fridays and playing league alone using a program that would make me appear offline. I was not talking with other people except from my friends. Sometimes i was asked by them(they all quit league) to go out on fridays but i would not go because i just wanted to play this damn game. This continiued for around a year until one of my friends convinced me to go to the gym and from then everything changed. I slowly started to research things about nutrition, exercises and more. I was bored of playing league and i put all my interest in self improving because i was a skinny, underweight and short guy. Three months later i have a decent body and i look forward to make it even better. I have a lot more friends (even female ones) because of how social i have become. I play league once a month if i am bored enough and i am no longer addicted to it.
    If you read all of this thank you. I am writing this because i want to help people that may be in the same position where i was. Dont live your life from a chair looking at a screen. Go out, talk with people, make friends, improve yourself!!!!

  9. This makes me really wonder about what do I really want in life. My whole life has been based around playing videogames, and at 16 I decided that I wanted to put the effort on being a professional player or a streamer. I know it is hard and requires a lot effort, which I’m whiling to make, and at the same time, Im working on the other areas of my life to make it in a heathy way (mental health, social skills, gym, etc), it has become my “purpose” basically, but now what do you guys think I should do? I still study and all that so I have a back up plan, and I believe that giving up on this kind of objective would only frustrate me. Would you quit it if you were me?

  10. I stopped playing league because it consumes too much time in compare to acually fun of this game, champions are unballanced as fuck and
    you can lose the game that was loadning for 10 minutes in 15 minutes because your toplaner gets counterpicked. Also, most of the community of lol is toxic. Insted of league go play sth else or go outside 👍

  11. League, dota, WoW, FFXIV, CoD…the list goes on and on and on, these game companies are basically just legalised crack dealers preying on helpless minds and govts won't do anything about it because they drive so much GDP. Society is headed in a bad direction.

  12. YOU WILL NEVER ESCAPE LEAGUE. but seriously you dont have tom completely quit video games, hobbies are good but going outside, having other hobbies and not being addicted is the best for life.


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