Why You Should START Playing League of Legends

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40 thoughts on “Why You Should START Playing League of Legends”

  1. Tips for new players

    Top Laners
    Keep yourself warded and try to freeze lane whenever you can. If the enemy is a kill happy champ you need to basically play like a beaten dog cause all they're gunning for is YOU. Look for opportunities to roam mid or ward enemy jng while you're waiting for your minion reset. Otherwise your lane is a solo-lane, it's dictated by only you and your know-how.

    Keep an eye on the map for positions you can inject yourself into. Try to start on the opposite side of where you want your first gank to be, and if you don't think you can carry the game you need to find some way to throw as much gold onto the person/persons who can. Early game you may have to ward your own objectives due to how support items work.

    Can't talk about Mid lane I only play that once in a blue moon.

    Your job is to be handheld until you can pop off with a 1 v 9. Your support should either try to alleviate or put pressure on the enemy lane. Keep an eye out on positioning and signal ping whenever you want to coordinate with your partner on a target. Try to be close enough to your support to peel or engage with them. Don't try to control the lane too hard though, your support should be able to dictate how the lane is going to play. Your wards should be used if a hairy fight around the bushes happens, or if the Support no longer has wards to keep your flank secure.

    Keep your ADC from bashing his head into the wall repeatedly. Keep yourself in a strategic position to be capable of stuns and roots, but don't be too trigger happy and blow all your mana. You're looking for the opportune moment to engage and blow summoners on their side. Poke with Basic attacks and some intermittent abilities. Coordinate by pings, also Alt-Click your abilities and summoners you're looking to use on the engage. WARD as much as possible and counter ward your jng to keep the enemy guessing.

    Pink Wards
    These suckers are a godsend for vision that everyone can have at least 1 of on the rift and it is, unless destroyed by an enemy champ, a permanent ward. Strategically place these in bushes the enemy may not walk through and you will have vision of them everytime they skid past one. These also cancel vision on enemy wards and reveal them to your team, beware for it will also reveal your pink to the enemy team.
    These are almost essential to success when and if you deal with invisible champions. Keep one on you if you can to reveal the cheesy bastards.

    General Advice
    When you get a kill, try to reset the minion wave to where it goes under their tower and dies. This can sometimes mean pushing extremely hard with little regard for last hitting the enemy minion wave. You want to spend gold as soon as you can in order to be as efficient as possible. Otherwise focus on last hitting minions unless you see an opportunity to punish the enemy. Depending on where Jng is, it may be more beneficial to focus target a jungle objective over hitting tower. Bot lane has either option available, top is a little less negotiable.
    Keep your eye on a swivel and glance at that minimap as much as possible.

    That's my guide for the laning phase.

  2. So… We ganna trust a shop update from the makers of the old death recap and the preset builds… That haven't been updated for years? (I know they have a new death recap but how long did that take?)

  3. I came here wondering if I, a nub with less than a month on League who hadn't played in a year, could be green-lighted to pickup and learn it for real to try and replace Smite (because it kinda blows atm due to the devs and designers, bad matchmaking, bad development decisions, Chernobyl tier toxicity, ect)……

    …but realized that 4:20 partially sums up one of my pet peeves with the Smite GAMEPLAY-wise (emphasis on *partially*)

    And 6:31 to 6:37 best describes me in Smite

  4. I started playing LOL 2 weeks ago. I still cant play normals because everytime I go to a normal match I am the only one who is not an smurf. It have happened to me more than I can count of me, trying to farm on bot and suddently the entire enemy team, even the top lanner comming to kill me, because they smell the blood of a new player and want to kill me to feed themselves and win the game as fast as possible, so they can level up the account.

    Sadly, talking with a friend of mine he just recommended me to play on bots until I get to level 30, and all of the smurfs just go to ranked or they try to sell the account somewhere.

    Maybe this is "the best time to start playing LOL", but I can say I have hated the experience for now, and I only keep playing because I want to play with a friend and I like to master the games I play.

    Edit: I suppose it doesnt help I wanted to main Xayah the first 3 days.

  5. Yeah…. this title is pretty much that uncle you have that jumped headfirst into the freezing swimming pool water that looks at the rest and say: "Come on in guys! Water's perfect, you'll love it! promise"

  6. Next time say: don't play jungle unless you wanna commit suicide.. bcs playing it is like self harming and your teammate's will always bully you bcs they fked up their role ((:


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