WHY you shouldn't be TOO worried about powercreep in Genshin Impact

for today’s genshin impact we take a short break from math and
let quickly talk about the recent powercreep topic

personally, I am not too concern about powercreep,
while powercreep is bound to happen in a gacha game,
it will happen in a very small amount.
Overall, majority of the character will still be good
The exception for these are supporter, since support’s feature are often overlapped, and hard to be distinguished from one to another

never less, in an ever-changing gacha game, where event, bosses, or even abyss will rotate in and out.
Character will naturally rotate in and out of flavor
Jean is a monthly flavor today
maybe childe will be the monthly flavor tomorrow .
The chances to use your character will come

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Also, here is a good read about powercreep from extra credit

old event footage from :
since i deleted mine : (

00:00 intro
01:12 What is powercreep
02:10 powercreep in maindps
04:02 powercreep in support
05:43 the true powercreep – venti and bennet
07:33 how powercreeping support will be dangerous
08:08 Conclusion

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39 thoughts on “WHY you shouldn't be TOO worried about powercreep in Genshin Impact”

  1. Better Venti scares me not because of Venti's utility – to be honest I ignored him on my own, and every day I feel less and less like he would better my gameplay – but because what it would mean to DPS units.

    So here is a fact: No CC can be better than Venti's Burst, except for the caveat of suspending enemies midair. Better Venti would mean better damage. So now you have a character that can do CC and tons damage all on its own, all the while also using Anemo, which has few resistance among enemies and is able to use Viridescent Venerer.

    Xiao, for example, applies to all that except CC, so it wouldn't be straight putting two to three units in 1 slot. Better Venti would.

    Worst, such a thing would create the need of even more ridiculous characters to keep the hype after it is gone, eventually ruining the game.

  2. Ganyu is the highest dps in the game. She's powercrept all other dps characters, thus making the ceiling higher. An it probably started with the Zhongli situation. Hell ganyu solos Abyss by herself now.

    Powercreep still happens if a character isn't made invalid. Just less of the first choice.

    Anyone who's played Mihoyo other game honkai impact. They have mad powecreep in that game.

    If the rumors of leaderboards an pvp are brought into genshin powercreep will be unstoppable an ridiculous lol.

  3. supports are not generic.. there are many kind of skill that can be implemented in future
    for example: 
    Vision/Sight for invisible mobs
    Creating illusions for the next character or character/s that is already in the field or even illusion of the monsters
    Damaging Wards or Golems
    Dps shield

    Actually they just need to look in MOBA games for ideas

  4. Events kinda powercreeping though. Not only is this cube event much harder than previous stuff, you HAVE to be lv80 or carried to even have a chance at getting everything since it seems that expert difficulty might be set levels, and not tied to your own world level. More of a case of "git gud" honestly, but still slightly worrisome.

  5. Also, Ganyu isn't powercreep lol. But if the leaks are true, Zhongli buffs with that polearm giving atk based on max HP just might be…. Can't deny that's a bit unsettling just how much they bent over backwards just cause of some complaints from people that didn't even use him as intended. He was made to be support so why buff his DPS?

  6. Powercreep is irrelevant since majority of char power is in artifacts. I have Ganyu arguably best dps yet I hit for 10k blooms due to bad stats. And even perfect artifacts won't help Klee to kill pyro slimes. Chasing fotm is just sure way to lose gems/money and end up with underdeveloped roster.

  7. Hm… pve game as long there's no pvp the i say make the characters fun to play with no limitations because there's no pvp in this game except to boast that u did this with a certain character.

  8. I understand why you chose the font for your video; it's clean and smooth but perhaps too smooth for my boomer eyes so it becomes hard to read and looks blurry for me. Otherwise great video! I love your breakdowns and in depth explanations.

  9. If they nerf ganyu i will stop playing this game. I spent money to get her cuz she is strong so if she becomes weak after the fact then i will know not to ever support this game again. Its a single player game where everything can be beaten with the free characters. People really need to grow up

  10. When I started to play genshin in the first 2 month I started off with keqing, Jean, venti and Bennett 😀 I knew those units had a high power lvl based by their kit + waifu reasons :3

  11. Ganyu is too broken. DISLIKE.
    Nevermind…I just pulled her. LIKE (she's still broken but we don't talk about that now)
    Playerbase in a nutshell.

    Also funny thing about the cards.
    Manga rager/pyro bow (Amber) < Ice rager/cryo bow Ganyu. They are the same but Ganyu is better in every single way. I think the example was better than intended.

  12. i disagree. Her damage is wrong we all see that. She can SOLO pretty much everything. this indeed makes support useless. And also creates the "need" to have her. (i know it's a business trick but it's way too much)

  13. Imagine nerfing a character in a PVE rpg. Ganyu is the first dps cryo character in the game, its expected that shes strong. People should just stop crying because ganyu outshines trash wannabe cryo dps like chongyun.

  14. you kinda undersell venti. he not only pulls enemies together which enables almost everyone as a support his dmg is off the charts while having the ability to slam enemies in the group for that sweet fall dmg. if a better venti came out everyone would still want venti for another slot in their 4 person party because he would still be better than everyone other character. every element still needs all roles where the dps option isn't a 5*.

  15. TBH as long as they don't make end-game contents multiple times harder than they already are (e.g. Spiral Abyss, or in the current case Hypostatic Symphony, EVEN though I bought BP, I barely managed to get all rewards), I would be fine with small power creeps.

  16. first you need to have them, not like me still have to use razor main dps in abyss bcs i dont have any fuking dps character, i have 3 5* character jean, zhongli, mona what the fuking i cant do? i dont have ningguang too. trash

  17. I think they should buff Amber instead. Ganyu is pretty much her using the Foul Legacy Transformation, if you know what I mean. Many argue that you don’t need Amber if you have Ganyu ( well, many argue that you don’t need Amber at all, even though I disagree ), so…

  18. I think if powercreep does happen (and we are probably a year or two away from ACTUAL powercreep) it's probably not going to be characters that contribute to it. It's probably going to be the weapons. Think about the implications of a brand new overpowered weapon vs character. People can use that weapon on existing characters, basically making their favorite characters stronger, and the weapon banner doesn't ever guarantee you the weapon you want, so while people get the wrong weapon from the banner, Mihoyo gets more money. Additionally there will probably be more backlash if there is a character that contributes to powercreep, because only whales and heavy spenders really summon on the weapon banner. I don't think we'll ever see weapons that are a literal must have to beat the hardest content, but likely there will be weapons that will be massively overpowered compared to the 5 star weapons currently in the game.

  19. The only content that is a real DPS check is the abyss, and you can still beat it with f2p options. People fall way to much for people flexing their powerful characters and don't even try to beat the content with what they have, just straight up cry "powercreep!". Plz Xiao simps, don't cause an uproar if Xiao isn't as strong as Ganyu, I'm waiting for him too but very aware that the fact he is anemo and a spear user might put him in disavantage.


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