WHY YOU'RE STUCK IN PLATINUM! (Apex Legends Guide to Escape Platinum! Diamond, Masters, Pred Tips)

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0:00 – Intro
0:32 – Over aggression (STOP THIS!)
2:01 – Make a Plan! [LISTEN]
3:48 – Trying to Do TOO MUCH
5:05 – How to Play For RP
6:33 – Expand Your Knowledge
7:58 – Teammates
8:51 – Summary & Motivation

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29 thoughts on “WHY YOU'RE STUCK IN PLATINUM! (Apex Legends Guide to Escape Platinum! Diamond, Masters, Pred Tips)”

  1. Nice videos i watch all number i would like to know why ur recoil is pin straight 1 and most of these fights im watching of urs its against alot of player who cant even play

  2. Plat 3 as of right now and I don't think I have the time to grind to Diamond. I watch your videos a lot and I do my best to use the majority of the tips in your videos. They definitely helped me speed up the learning process as I was a previous season 0 player!

  3. Things i try to tell my friends.
    – know when you take a fight
    -know when to back out
    Positioning is important for this cause you dont wanna push so deep that you HAVE to fight. You need to be ready and able to back up a bit (like from a third party or the team you are pushing is too good/in a better position) or back out completely and retreat. Know when you are beat and gtfo. Know when they are on weak and push them hard.

  4. My biggest problem is getting random teammates that run head first into a full squad solo and get wiped then just spam their banner. Like if you want to spam you shouldn’t have made the dumb decision to run in thinking you were your favorite streamer. I think I have good game awareness and when to pick fights and when not to and I can win most gun fights. I solo’d to Plat and most of the randoms I get are people that got carried to plat.


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