Will Among Us Release On PS4 And Xbox One?

Among Us has swept the internet over the past few months, but it’s only on mobile and Steam. Will it come to PS4 and Xbox One? What about Among Us 2? Let’s discuss! Let me know what you think and make sure to subscribe to the channel for more content!!

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48 thoughts on “Will Among Us Release On PS4 And Xbox One?”

  1. Obviously an integrated voice chat is going to be the best option. The game is just too focused on verbal communication to work that well without it. Is it possible to play without voice chat? Yes. But as we’ve seen with games like “Friday the 13th”, it’s much more enjoyable when you use your mic. Not using a mic is doable but just simply not as fun and honestly makes the game a lot more difficult at times.

  2. But Xbox and Ps can write in the chat with the keyboard thing that pops up on the screen! So if people don't want to use voice chat they can just write on the keyboard thing instead!!!😐

  3. I think voice chat would be 100x better because it would be a pain in the ass to try to defend yourself. It already is a pain in mobile you can't say what you want before ppl vote you out

  4. why don’t they just make one with their ideas and make a beta game, console players could be beta testers and report what could be improved in a section

  5. The best way I see it, is to make it compatible with the controller keyboard things.
    Or make it like a playlink thing, where you connect it to your mobile device to type.
    And one thing exclusively for PS5 is just let us use the voice to text thing, every controller comes with a mic built in, and it was confirmed to have voice to text.


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