Woods AMBUSH! | Escape From Tarkov: Rags to Riches [S4Ep3]

Welcome ladies and gentlemen to Episode 3 of Escape From Tarkov: Rags to Riches! Season 4 has begun and it is time to get down to business starting our Tarkov challenge and get a move on to getting those Riches in Escape from Tarkov. This series of Escape From Tarkov: Rags to Riches will include ALL kills, items looted, secrets and more. This series test our survival rate and if we can finally hit that magic 50% rate. I hope you enjoy the first episode gameplay and the whole series! If you find the Escape From Tarkov: Rags to Riches series entertaining, make sure to hit the like button and subscribe!

AMBUSHED! | Escape From Tarkov: Rags to Riches [S4Ep3]

Link to discord: https://discord.gg/NHPtK8X
The game: http://www.escapefromtarkov.com/
Twitter: twitter.com/HalfmanLIVE
Twitch: http://www.twitch.tv/HalfmanLIVE

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Time Stamp

0:00 Start
3:26 First Raid
23:53 Second Raid
31:51 Third Raid
39:53 Fourth Raid


39 thoughts on “Woods AMBUSH! | Escape From Tarkov: Rags to Riches [S4Ep3]”

  1. Jeeeesus how you down that one dude and the three others just pop up all at once. Scared the crap out of me but also had a lot of comedic value, especially the guy on the left that just kinda stumbled into the fight 😀 51:45

    Really like your videos. Not least because you know your stuff in the game but also your calm narration with short explanations here and there 🙂
    Only thing worthy of note is that your voice sometimes cut out in the last raid, especially in the beginning. Not sure whether you noticed that afterwards?
    Either way you got a new subscriber and probably a new player into Tarkov 😀

  2. I just found you , i watched a few eps. and i like the slow pace you play at and showing everything from zero 2 hero , you are mighty better then me , but i should get a second account standard and do the same as you. might fix my anxicety i have every time im in raids . yea ofc i following you. keep up the asemoe work cheers

  3. I just don't understand why you didn't just jump, like you said that's happened to you before, not being able to just clip over and go down the ramp. Coulda saved your legs and hopped once. like….??? Edit: Halfman, why don't you go prone when searching bodies???? I'm frankly amazed you haven't been completely 1-tapped yet.

  4. Question: If you have 0 health on your limbs except a few, what happens when you get shot in the limb you already have 0 on? Do you lose some health on all the other parts of your body?

  5. How the heck did you survive that landmine.

    Edit: How the hell did you survive just, at all? Also, you definitely got 3 kills. Hiding on the side of the rock, guy on top of the rock, and then one of the group of 3 rag dolled so hard.

  6. Hey man, I'm new around here and I just have 2 things too say.

    1) Great content; insta sub from me.
    2) Why no Dark Souls runs broski? I'd love to watch you figure everything out on your own and what you grow as you play.
    – IMO you could just play 3 but I'd recommend playing 1 then 3 ( 2 being optional as a lot of people don't like it). The only reason being that 1 feels a bit more wonky and you will hate it after you play 3.

    Keep the goodies comin man and thank you. May your raids always be full of loot and may you never be exit camped.

  7. I'm not a player of this game, but is it normal for an experienced player to run their food and water meters down to nothing so often? I say experienced player, since he seems to be on season four of a kind of challence run that depends on a server wipe. How often are the servers wiped? It can't be more than once a month at most.

  8. Just got Tarkoved I had just spawned in interchange with a full kit (I’m only level 9) so not a lot but what I had and then the server crashes then I go to reconnect and the game crashed and I lost all my shit


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