World of Warcraft Class Series Trailer

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48 thoughts on “World of Warcraft Class Series Trailer”

  1. Any way to get a cameo of one of our characters in the class video? (I suppose a prereq would be that their transmog look suitably like their class. For example:

    Holy Priest:
    Ret Paladin:
    BM Hunter:
    Shadow Priest:
    Arcane Mage:
    Frost Mage:
    Marksman Hunter:

    I think those are all fairly representative of their classes.

  2. It's all amazing…. but
    On one hand you try to make the video "realistic..ish", and on the other you show us a warlock with his staff "glued behind his back". Eww no.
    I also wished that hunter was a dwarf, would have been even more badass.

  3. Just a reminder that Warcraft is a setting with functional night-vision goggles, long-range artillery, airbases, aircraft carriers, running electricity, computers, robotics, power-armor, mecha, artificial intelligence and teleporters, yet there are no ball-point pens, toilet paper, in-door plumbing, televisions, radio or telephones. They even still use quill and parchment.

  4. These videos that have been coming out recently are amazing.

    A shame we are watching WoW die. It was a fun ride while it lasted but I think Shadowlands will be the end of World Of Warcraft.


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