Worlds 2020 Quarterfinals Pick Em's – YamatoCannon League of Legends Content

My pickem, 1 serious 1 randomly generated

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Worlds 2020 Quarterfinals Pick Em’s – YamatoCannon League of Legends Content
Worlds 2020 Quarterfinals Pick Em’s – YamatoCannon League of Legends Content
Worlds 2020 Quarterfinals Pick Em’s – YamatoCannon League of Legends Content


21 thoughts on “Worlds 2020 Quarterfinals Pick Em's – YamatoCannon League of Legends Content”

  1. I think what most people don't understand with the matchup between G2 vs Gen.G is that, Clid is an better carry jgl is literally the reasoning why SKT T1 picked him up in 2019, and Caps is a better player than Bdd. But Bdd is a better supportive mid laner. For an example if any of these 2 had to play a tank, like Sett which Bdd already proven he is good at. I think I would slightly favour Gen.G but if G2 can get Wunder into being the carry that's where I see G2 winning. I think G2 need to pick for prio to get early drakes and Wunder with a late game carry elsewise I think they're kinda doomed

  2. I am gold in league , because I don't play the game honestly speaking . If league at top level is anything like Starcraft , then when you reach Master level only THEN you realize WTF the top players are monsters, they're not even human. Only then you "see" what true greatness is like. Tho In league I only see streamers slagging off each other so idk.

  3. Something my coach repeated and instilled in us , "it's hard to win 3 times". In every competitive game, winning against the same opponent on consecutive seperate occasions becomes increasingly difficult. Winners tend to underestimate, opponents hunger to learn habits and winners start to put value on trivial objectives.
    It's why three peats are rare, why dedication and consistency becomes a priority focus as you win, and why best of 5s and best of 7s create more suspense.
    I really think DRX has a chance against DAMWON and we'll find out soon enough. Hoping for exciting matches!

  4. Yo i love your content, but you get pretty stuck sometimes on someone saying something dumb or misunderstanding what you’re saying. Please dont, it kills the vibe of the video. You dont have to react to them

  5. While my predictions on groups were 100% correct, I must say that i have no clue on who will win, for me the favourite is LCKs DWG, I think they have the better drafts and better teamfight than the rest of the teams. But then again TES and JDG dont look bad, I think if it comes to JDG vs TES it would be a fun match to watch. And possibly JDG can win the whole championship like why not? I dont think sunning has a chance, they rely to much on SoFM to perform and if he performs bad like in the finals vs TES then its literally doomed for them. But theyre a rookie team 2019-2020 players so maybe they can make a surprise beating JDG but not TES. Thats too much for them. As for Gen G vs G2, it will depend on playstyles, if G2 plays agressive and gets advantages they will win, cause what Ive seen so far from GenG is that they play too reactive, like they don't make plays at all, just wait for the oponnents to make mistakes, and in this meta I dont think it favours them. Same with BDD, I dont think he's playing good right now, definetely not his meta, maybe if he picks zed or something and surprises G2 they can win.. But if they keep playing from behind I dont think they can win. As for DRX I wish they could win like avenge CVmax and prove that if CVmax were still on griffin they wouldve won last years world championship xd.

  6. FPX was asleep and taking a break in their group stage.  They already knew unless they pull a LGD, they were easily getting out of that group.  Even if Splyce overperformed and won the group, what other team from 2019 Group B was going to be better than FPX?!?


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