Xbox & Bethesda are DOOMED! "Microsoft Buys Bethesda out of Desperation & FAILS to Compete with PS5"

Microsoft has finished their acquisition of Bethesda and moving forward all Bethesda games like Elder Scrolls 6, Fallout 5, and Starfield will be Xbox console exclusive and will not be releasing on the PS5…atleast for the foreseeable future. With this news of course the PlayStation fanboys are all up in their feelings all of a sudden acting like the idea of exclusives is a bad thing when for years they have praised Sony and PlayStation for making games like God of War Ragnorak and Horizon Forbidden West exclusive to the PS4 and PS5. The hypocrisy is unbelievable. In this video we are taking a look at a console fanboy who had an “angry rant” in his car over the recent Xbox Bethesda acquisition and proceeds to claim that literally no one cares about Bethesda games at all and literally no one will buy an Xbox for games like Elder Scrolls 6 or a new DOOM game. This is truly pathetic.

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23 thoughts on “Xbox & Bethesda are DOOMED! "Microsoft Buys Bethesda out of Desperation & FAILS to Compete with PS5"”

  1. 'how can you justify buying a developer' think really long about this for a second…. its simple… why is it fine for sony to keep god of war/spiderman/naughty dog games and yet microsoft arent allowed too xD funny… funny guy

  2. This guy has clearly never played Doom as this rant would not be near as angry if he had undergone the relaxing and therapeutic effects of ripping and tearing through hordes of demons in the most brutal fashion possible… like seriously, I just found out today that one friend is being heavily controlled by their boyfriend who thinks me being trans and within 10 feet of them will indoctrinate them into not being his perfect little boytoy and that a now former friend is trying to blackmail a female friend of mine… but 45 minutes of ripping and tearing later and It still hurts like hell but it chilled me right out, be like the doom slayer, when your demons show their dumb faces just simply apply a good punch, blast them to bits, and slice and dice occasionally for some variety… metaphorically speaking, point is you make it damn clear there not fucking welcome. I saw the pained look on that guys face as he was saying how he didn't care, someone please help this poor man and sit him in front of a controller with Doom eternal playing on the screen, even the title screen theme song is a badass pick me up.

  3. It's unreal lol, this console war bs haha, I'm an 80'S kid, in my own opinion the golden years of gaming for me was the og ps and n64 era. The first gen of videogame consoles to go fully 3d. Memorable experiences including sm64 tloz oot, goldeneye, mgs gran turismo the crash games. Me and a friend would argue which system was better, morale of the story is we were 12 lmfao

  4. Nobody's wants a third dishonored, i strongly disagree and xbox and Microsoft is failing huh. I wonder how this dude would react if he knew that Sony has to rent server's from Microsoft to run PSN, not only that but most AAA games that have multiplayer use Microsoft server's lol

  5. Great video mate. Tbh I imagine quite a lot of people would get an Xbox just for game pass. It's ridiculously good value. I have it on my pc and I got my girlfriend a Series S for Christmas. All the games she's played are through Game Pass.


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