Xbox E3 2021 Predictions [Exclusive Games, Xbox Game Pass, Rumors]

Xbox E3 2021 Predictions going over the exclusive games, details on Xbox Game Pass & recent rumors about what the platform is going to showcase in their upcoming conference event on the future of gaming. It’ll be filled with neat secrets, and we dive into the information available with a supporting cast to chat about their thoughts on the situation too. A wide range of topics broken down into likely to see, might see and won’t see at Xbox’s E3 conference.

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Xbox E3 2021 Predictions to go over what’s happening in the industry at the current moment with the latest rumors and things that might be happening. Talking about the release schedule for the year including a wide range of games ranging from Starfield to Forza Horizon 5 and event Fallout 5 whenever that’s set to release. There are even mentions of The Elder Scrolls 6 as that’s on the horizon to likely go against GTA 6 someday.

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#Xbox #E3 2021 Predictions for a wide range of things that may get announced this year alongside others that might not get noted. It’s supposed to provide a forecast of what to come, at least from Skycaptin5 at times haha.

That aside, it’s a fun chat detailing various elements from a perspective of the single platform since we generally ran out of time to really dig into the entirety of the show in a smooth manner. The ultimate best Xbox E3 2021 Predictions.

00:00 What to Expect
20:49 Might See
28:26 Valve Xbox, Steam on Xbox
32:46 Might See Continued
36:22 Unlikely to See


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  1. Halo , Starfield, FH5 and maybe Wolfenstein 3 will be the big hits in fall. Over the summer I think crossfire X, scorn, the ascent warhammer dark tide, gunk, warhammer dark tide will drop. Then my dream would be Xbox teams up with Lucas films once again for a Star Wars exclusive

  2. Starfield, yeah but we still dont know much about this games, who knows what be this game, so i think definitely they must show something on e3 about starfield.

  3. Just a quick note, apparently Subnautica just got a next gen upgrade to 60fps (idk if there are other enhancements) along with the launch of the sequel, in case you want to check that out


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