Xbox Next MAJOR BILLION $$$ Acquisition?! | NEW Xbox Series X Update Brings SURPRISES

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Xbox and Microsoft are in talks to potentially spend $10 Billion on acquiring Discord for future plans and a new Xbox Series X, Xbox Series S, and Xbox One update in testing is making multiplayer free in free to play games as well as dropping Xbox Party Chat from Xbox Live GOLD!!

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27 thoughts on “Xbox Next MAJOR BILLION $$$ Acquisition?! | NEW Xbox Series X Update Brings SURPRISES”

  1. Rand, as always buddy another great news update. Personally I have mixed feelings on a Discord acquisition by Microsoft especially after what we have seen with Skype and Mixer. There is a good chance this will not happen anyway being they seem to be leaning towards going public for now, but who knows. Microsoft why not take that money and resources and invest back into Skype instead. Correct all the existing issues, give it a totally new facelift, and add missing or requested functionality that works. You could even add switchable dashboards to the user interface as well which could be changed easily or locked out if required. One for personal, maybe business if not using Teams, and gaming. Each dashboard could have a unique feature set and functionality to match how it is being used. For example, the gaming dashboard could have direct access to GamePass and Xbox Networks. Maybe even add social media connections as well to easily upload content directly to services like Twitch or Facebook gaming. This to me would be a much better solution than acquiring another company.

  2. All of this stuff Microsoft is doing is just responding to the whole PlayStation fans saying XBOX has no games.
    Then all of a sudden they awoke a sleeping giant. Then XBOX went BEAST mode under Phil Spencer.

  3. Why Discord I don’t even use it. I tried it once Didn’t care for it 😂 Kind of a waste. But whatever helps I guess. I’m really expecting Ubisoft or WB Games later down the road!

  4. That doesn't make sense, because a Cochlear implant is for fixing hearing loss by bypassing the acoustic hearing process in the ear and changes it to electrical impulses sent to the auditory nerve. That person is truly reaching with this "leak"


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