Xiao is Finally Here! Invitation to Mundane Life Banner | Genshin Impact Xiao Summons

MiHoYo is going to make bank this month!

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31 thoughts on “Xiao is Finally Here! Invitation to Mundane Life Banner | Genshin Impact Xiao Summons”

  1. I got spooked by Keqing when I only wanted a dupe of any of the rate up 4*. It was a huge win cause I've wanted her since I first saw her! Now I can save what I have and my hundo pack for a guaranteed new 5* later. Don't know who I'll use it on yet, but I'm not complaining.

    Also got Coco Goat before I did the ten summon so again, I'm hype!

  2. Unlike Ganyu where I spent more than 10,000 primo gems, I unexpectedly got Xiao in five pulls. Been pretty lucky lately on character event banner roles in Genshin, but FGO hasn’t been kind.

  3. I think I will pass, saving for Hu Tao, need a pyro dps and maybe its just me but her hints are becoming way too obvious she is coming after Keqing, her friendship card is in the card selector background so xD


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