YAY! Torghast Nerfed For Accessibility, Faster Climbs – WoW Shadowlands

A huge list of nerfs and tweaks are coming to Torghast to increase accessibility and to help with faster climbs. I go o line by line with my reactions and feedback.

Official post https://us.forums.blizzard.com/en/wow/t/updating-torghast-this-week/783123
Polygon article https://www.polygon.com/2020/12/17/22187242

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32 thoughts on “YAY! Torghast Nerfed For Accessibility, Faster Climbs – WoW Shadowlands”

  1. Been playing for 13 years, how they play in PTR is NOT how regular players play at all…they went full ham with the PTR opinions because they fired most of their good devs. Seasoned devs…devs who probably knew how that shit should have been balanced and was working on more content for it. Torghast just looks like a big fat incomplete souls-like gameplay attempt for me. It's really not ok.

    Most people I know log less than 40 hours a week, this was constructed by people with a disposable 120 hours…I'm tired of having to compete with fucking no lifers. I just want to enjoy a game, I don't want to have to sprint while playing it.

    Anyone who plays enhancement shaman main should know my pain.

  2. Most people problem with it was either not having high enough ilvl, or the handful of specs that just doesn't have the solo sustain. Rogues and Survival Hunters are fine in a group, they just don't have the self healing to handle bosses. At least for soloing it. It's frankly something they should fix permanently with the classes instead of making this expansion only changes from convenent and etc. It would be one thing if Rogues were doing such extreme damage in groups to make up for their crap solo, but they don't.

  3. layer 4 was(before hotfix) VERY difficult with 2 dps imo but I could do it solo(ret paladin). Found out a week ago climbing layers as Protection paladin takes half the effort and won't go back to retribution for this content for the foreseeable future. Cleared both layer 8s today with minimal effort and died once per layer 8 only, and only on trash from pulling unnecessarily large groups. Torgast was so difficult on my rogue I stopped playing the class. I had rerolled covenants to Kyrian on the rogue just days before Blizzard gutted two rogue specs and their kyrian covenant ability. About 70% certain blizzard won't buff rogue enough to make me want to play rogue again this expansion.

  4. The runs still take way too long at the top end. These should just be short and sweet little runs. It should only take an hour to complete both wings. Not an hour or more on each. Also really wish player power wasn't tied to them, and if it is going to be it should only be considered one option on how to obtain it, not the only option.(I'm also well aware of the command table, but that is not as lucrative.)

  5. Torghast was a huge waste of time. Unnecessarily tedious and unrewarding (just like the Maw imo). These changes and the fact that we're gearing up over time should make it bearable.

  6. Holy moly thank you! I've never struggled this hard as a UNHOLY DK. Literally the last 2 weeks been playing torghast lvl 6 solo and running it down like they're icecrown to me. But now since mythic castle nastria got released + layer 7/8 i struggled like a puppet against a alpha wolf on layer 7… That shid was crazy how much hp the bosses had and just how obscured dmg they've done..

  7. I don't like this update… The nerfs are not necessary.
    It's just so the weak nub players can enjoy more.
    "Legendary" weapon rewards are now not so legendary anymore. Even the dumb kids can get it now….

  8. We had a speedup strategy where we would have an elite stack to 9 stacks and then carry him as a pet to clear the resto of the level. We couldn't do more than 9 stacks, because he would be cc immune. With the cc immunity removed this will be an OP stategy.

  9. I don't get it, i haven't had any issues soloing my way trough torghast since launch, so in my opinion, this nerf was in no way necessary. In fact it was nice with a slightly challenging element in the game for once, and not just have a mindless easy grind to get a legendary, which it has most definitely now become. Sad to see this nerf happen.

  10. They call these changes surgical, but It feels more like they just gutted it. Rogue like games are supposed to kill you and then give you some stuff to help you the next time. To address the length, couldn't they give everyone some souls at the start? more to struggling specs? couldn't they make one wing open up with 3 floors only? with a vendor on each floor and more phantasma? Couldn't they make the soul ash cap NOT tied to being able to do the highest layer? I hope the twisting corridors are fun, because this update killed Torghast for me…

  11. Sounds like a huge improvement. Torghast is really looking to be THE semi-mandatory awful cancer content of Shadowlands. Even the easy layers are a boring slog, and anything that can reduce the amount of time I have to waste on it each week is a great thing.


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