You Can't Fault Respawn On This One | Apex Legends

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In Apex Legends Season 11, Respawn launched Ash and there’s no denying she was a great, well balanced addition to the game. What do you think?

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20 thoughts on “You Can't Fault Respawn On This One | Apex Legends”

  1. the one thing i think she needs is a buff on her snare, maybe make it travel a little faster and have the leash shorter. other then that shes a really well rounded legend to play.

  2. Of all the Legends I've tried, Ash has been my most "clicked" Legend to date. Somehow I've never been able to main like Octane or Wraiths but when Ash came out, her kit became an absolute banger. Tho not sweaty can't wait to main her for the seasons to come.

  3. I started to play the game in end of s10 , I had hard time to find legend to main . Ash came at the right time for me , she is perfect for may play style . Love the character to .

  4. As someone who mains Loba, Wraith, and now Ash, I feel she needs a SMALL buff. She needs multiple tbh. Snare needs to either be faster, tether for a longer time, have a shorter circle to move in, or 2 charges like Revenant. Her portal (62.5m) needs a distance buff. Wraith can go back and forth between 75m. Loba can TP 72+ meters, Octane can go 100+ meters w his pad, valk can go 300+ meters with SCANS on all enemies you can see. Ash's portal is a one way, doesn't make sense to have LESS distance than a two way that can be spammed back and forth, yk? Lastly her passive needs a buff or a rework. They made it a third party tool. They could've have made it to where you could kill an enemy, finish them, scan their box, and find their other 2 teammates. This would stop running, make Ash more of an assassin scout, and would NOT be a third party promotion tool. None of these changes would make her op. Just feel better. She doesnt really make sense when you look at her kit. You have a snare that only tethers for like 2 seconds, but has such a big distance to move in that it basically does nothing. Like if you're in a gunfight, you're not gonna run away out of the share and her stuck… you're gonna strafe and shoot back, and not even leave that circle. Maybe it should slow you or something. Its really only consistently "good in a fight" when combining any grenade with it. It'd also be cool if she was labeled a scout and could scan beacons. A lot of ways they could've made Ash a little better while still allowing her to be balanced.

  5. People keep screaming “overpowered” while I see her as underpowered “ooh but her passive is op!!!”
    Not really… you get 3 pings ACROSS the map, plus they might change route when they get scanned.
    Another thing I found out is her tactical isn’t as immediate it takes 3 seconds to actually activate and tether someone. Which is very underwhelming in a firefight in which every second is important
    Over all she needs a buff

  6. Whenever I play apex I usually take huge breaks but I always watch you and I think I quit playing for long periods of time because the game gets stale after grinding for a while and not fun

  7. Annother Proof of the unfair SBMM:
    I'm Bronce or Silver Player in Skill and i got an Lobby that started with the Champions being an Duo Premade Squad in Trios on Stormpoint with an Wraith that was Pred 3 in Arenas(!) with 6000+ Kills and the ENTIRE LOBBY like LITTERALY TILL THE END went to Barometer when the Dropship started from there.

    And EVERYONE was playing like Pred 3 NO JOKE!
    My Teammates where atleast competend for once but when 60 Players land in Barometer… yeah… and EVERYONE with perfect aim and Headshots like i peak for 0.5 seconds and eat 150 Dmg on Blue Shields XD
    Ofcourse crouch spamming and strafing like Crazy as well as super Jumping, Tap-Strafing etc.

    The Game was over in under 15 Minutes XD

    Your KD has NOTHING to do with your Lobbies. In Fact i would say, the better your KD – no matter your Skill – the worse the Enemies are Playing.
    Please try that out for yourself and show it on the Channel if that is right because this Matchmaker SUCKS!

  8. Hi gaming merchant I would just like to say something I don’t say to a lot of YouTubers, thank you, you brought me back to a game I now really love and play as much as I can so thanks


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