YOU LAUGH, YOU LOSE: League of Legends Meme Review #11

#leagueoflegends #nolaughingchallenge #zoyatherussiankorean

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25 thoughts on “YOU LAUGH, YOU LOSE: League of Legends Meme Review #11”

  1. Their Aatrox is one of my favorite game character of all time Illidan Stormrage from World of Warcraft. Actually I didn't laugh to the meme but seeing Illidan in it, that does put a smile on my face.

  2. Hello! I am a fan of the NKI (ex inki) group and I ask you to record your reaction to the new M/V “Tattoo”. You have already filmed a video about this group (inki-DropTop) and we really liked your words. we would love to hear your opinion. Thank you! have a good day!

  3. Привет! Я фанат группы NKI (ex inki) и прошу вас записать реакцию на новый клип "Татту". Вы уже сняли видео об этой группе(инки дроптоп), и нам очень понравились ваши слова. Мы хотели бы услышать ваше мнение. Спасибо! Хорошего дня!


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