Zeri – Another 200 Years Champion? Or Perfectly Designed? | League of Legends

With the great reception I got from my video on Vex, I thought about making a first impressions video for Zeri: The Spark of Zaun! Like the previous episode we’re gonna find out: is she well designed or 200 years?

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https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=coFtxLL4wXY (Zwag Xerath)
https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Ro-1EHIpGwk (Anklespankin)

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20 thoughts on “Zeri – Another 200 Years Champion? Or Perfectly Designed? | League of Legends”

  1. While gameplaywise she is very intresting and doesn't feel that 200 year-ish I am still not pleased over the fact that they scarifised her visual desighn for generic Genshin Face lookin character, she doesn't even look like Zaun Champion, Arcane showed us that there is a way to make female characters looking intresting and maintaning Zaun look

  2. The only thing I don't like about her is the boring design, c'mon riot you can do better than the boring anime girl.
    Make it look like gragas or something, you wouldn't expect a big guy to zoom around like anime girl. That's fun design.

    And her passive should have been an item, that'll make everything easier.

  3. Giving her this magic nature it's just silly, I just played a game against her with camille and the passive gave me magic shield… but it was completely useless because the most of her damage is physical

  4. The passive is very problematic in my opinion. There is a world where based on draft alone, you essentially don't have a passive as Zeri. Of course, there are some options like Shieldbow or Overheal to ensure that shields are accessible to you at some point, but it feels overly forced. Shields generally counter burst as well, and she is a sustained damage dealer so it's not exactly fantastic.

    That being said, Zeri >>> Mountain Soul I guess.

  5. Zeri's passive let's her drain shield. Gaining a shield gives her movement speed. Moving will fill up her charge.

    That's how it ties into her kit.

    Her Q fills up some charge.
    Her auto's use up charge.
    Her E gives her some charge because she moves.
    Her R gives her increased movement speed through overcharge stacks.

  6. I mean ahe's fine, but that dash over terrain gives me cancer. There was no need to add that into game, I feel like riot wanted to say: ye we can make a normal-ish champion but we still have 200 years. Also, vex is a cancer too, moatly because of her numbers, not kit. (except that reset)


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