Zhongli is HUGE in Genshin Patch 1.5+ | Genshin Impact Patch 1.5 Changes

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Zhongli Rerun gets BETTER! Genshin Impact Zhongli in Patch 1.5 COULD have some HUGE changes for Zhongli, Albedo, Fischl, and others due to a new Artifact set possibly coming in the future! We know new sets come out periodically, will 1.5 have a new set like this!?

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14 thoughts on “Zhongli is HUGE in Genshin Patch 1.5+ | Genshin Impact Patch 1.5 Changes”

  1. So the game will be easier now? Yeah…. that's what this game needs. Mihoyo is proving to be extremely greedy and incompetent. Wonder how long it will take for these white knights to realize that this company only cares about profit. They will have no playerbase by the time they give us real content. It's quite sad how great this game could be

  2. It's sounding good but I've seen multiple conflicting screenshots of this new set, some saying the 4-piece effect only affects characters around the character with the set equipped, and others saying/showing the 4-piece effect affecting PARTY members. Pretty big difference between it working in solo vs only working for co-op. I'll wait to see what the actual released 4-piece bonus is before getting too excited, although I do agree the potential is there.


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