1 month later, did Ash really replace Wraith? (Apex Legends)

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►So season 11 has been out for about 4-5 weeks now, and right around when Ash was released, people were saying they felt Ash would replace wraith. Now that she’s been out for a bit, did she end up replacing Wraith?

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48 thoughts on “1 month later, did Ash really replace Wraith? (Apex Legends)”

  1. Realistically she could replace octane, wraiths kit is a bit too useful. If they could just buff the tactical speed a little that be great, I’ve had some moments where I use it and it doesn’t snare on impact and it’s kinda annoying

  2. From watching this I'm more surprised that Crypto has a decent pick rate in tournaments, a legend that is normally mocked by been "trash", which is not, just harder to use and a little boring if you stick with him for a while.

  3. I like Ash for the quick and easy high ground without the risk of a pad or rope to take it. She can also escape really well with her ultimate and her tactical is useful in many situations. That being said, I genuinely don’t enjoy playing as Wraith but I love playing as Ash.

    My opinion is totally bias 🤣

  4. I Love u Videos i watched u since the Old DB times but i stoped watching cuz u quit it and i still was loving this game but resently i discoverd apex and i found u chanell again ever since im happy to see u videos again and i recognised i watch the videos becaus of the person not the game :3

  5. I'd say no. They both share a similar role of having a selfish ability and an ult that can be selfish or selfless. Wraith phase also fills a substantially different role and the information she gets from her passive is universal while ash's is specific

  6. I definitely think that Wraith and Ash fulfill different strategic roles for their respective teams but I would argue that she has taken a lot of wraith's visual identity which still makes her feel way less unique.

  7. Ashe replaced Octane. Typically octane padding is used to gap close / all in and Ashe portal does that instantly and doesn't put you in the air. Very minimal risk. She also can punish mobility characters. I'd say octane is obsolete from a team play perspective.

    Wraith in comp gives you flexibility – portal kidnap for aggression and portal to escape /reset. It can also be used to deny angles or entrances which is crucial in late game. On top of that, there is Wraith endgame which wins when the zone closes.

  8. Ash is more Octane really. They’re ultimates are good for pushing but if it’s used for that then you better have an escape nearby. Wraith allows you to push into a fight while at the same time have a means of escape


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