10 Mid Laners You NEED to Abuse in Patch 11.23 – League of Legends Preseason 2022

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0:00 Intro
0:26 Viktor
1:57 Kassadin
2:54 Vex
3:43 Yone
4:32 Lux
5:32 QotD
5:46 Twisted Fate
6:47 Anivia
7:40 Zilean
8:50 Qiyana
9:47 Sylas
10:25 Outro

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41 thoughts on “10 Mid Laners You NEED to Abuse in Patch 11.23 – League of Legends Preseason 2022”

  1. First time I’m gonna do tqod, but it’s definitely vlad. His early damage is way to high I first timed and half healthier a zed with 2 aas and a q. Lvl 1 btw. His w makes him way to safe, and with no mana it’s almost a guarantee good late game. It feels like the person playing vlad has to mess up to be punished at all.

  2. I like mages, but i hate that meta, so cringe creatures like lux and vex, and azir is still bad, actually even worse because the new lethal tempo is so bad on him

  3. Qotd: Ekko. If he gets fed or a lead , which he will often do if he take First Strike and Future's Market right now, it seems almost impossible to keep up with his tempo in mid lane, and then in the times that you finally get a favorable fight or gank in, he R's out or for his full he back and turns the losing gank into a double kill.

  4. Lux is completely uninteractive, you can just farm and scale with E and even ult waves. Coupled with low value scuttles they are rewarding this season with non-interactive pingpong lanes again.

  5. Ahri is pretty strong this season. She has so many builds to go. Strongest IMO is First strike, liandry, cosmic, Horizon.

    Low cooldowns+ Tons of ms. Most ppls cant catch you. Works extremely well

  6. Every champion in "the right hands" is gonna let you climb.
    Qiyana, as every assassin, is not recommended by Challenger players to make your 1st climb to higher elo.

    And the amount of games played you need on Qiyana to get to 50% win rate on the level you are right now is quite high.

  7. Never did I think I’d see the day when my bro Twisted Fate is mentioned as one of the best midlaners. However, I think Predator is the best Keystone for him. It helps you make sure the enemy can’t run from your gold cards, which helps you pick up guaranteed kills when roaming and team fighting

  8. For the QOTD answer is strong bot laners. Those players that seem to have such perfect synergy you'd think they were playing right next to each other. Those are impossible to shut down. And viego

  9. I disagree when it comes to Lux, Ive been playing her and playing against her, she does have a lot of burst but her whole kit are skill shots so if you're good at dodging and punishing then she shouldnt be a problem. But she is a beast so get it in before they nerf her.


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