10 Minutes of Useless Information about League of Legends Pt.15!

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Here’s 10 Minutes more minutes of Useless Information about League of Legends (Part 15). Facts, easter eggs, and a lot of unusual clips of league of legends. No information that really matters. After watching this video you will not benefit from the information but you may find it mildy interesting. Anyways here is 10 minutes of useless information about league and 10 minutes you won’t be able to get back. 10 Minutes of Useless Information about League of Legends Pt.15!

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42 thoughts on “10 Minutes of Useless Information about League of Legends Pt.15!”

  1. As a few others have already pointed out, Maxim has not only played League on weird things, but he used to be one of the most import people in German League. He is the reason many Germans started playing and started liking the game. Unfortunately he stopped as a game caster and stopped having fun making videos about League, but it would be nice to maybe say that in your next video as well, because Maxim has done much more than playing League on a steering wheel 😀

  2. "if you think LoL is dying look at these stats" nah, it IS dying. for the casual population. Any hardcore fans or aspiring champion or "professionnal" are still thriving. Pretty much all competitive mmo go down the same path, it just took LoL a bit longer than most. also…. China and anywhere else have DRASTICALLY different playerbase/fanbase. They got their own private professionnal school per game. not just FOR game, but PER game. Here in the west we got no cheer squad paid to be cheering gamers. we got football tho…?

  3. It's not something useless but you can see invis twitch with Lee sin ult 🙂 unless that got patched but you just gotta have twitch near and hover over Lee ultimate and BOOM free twitch kill

  4. At 9:20 in the Video team "MCD" is acutally "Team McDonalds" beaus4e it was compirsed of players that were supposedly kicked off their team and thus due to the popular community meme "working at McDonalds" One of the players Wunder formerlly of G2 even had McDonalds Employee as his twitter bio.

  5. I wouldn't call this German Maxim guy just a league player nor just a league content creator, he was a league caster actually. He casted his last time these worlds actually.


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