12 LEAKED CHANGES/BUFFS & NERFS for 11.19 – NEW META INCOMING – League of Legends Guide

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20 thoughts on “12 LEAKED CHANGES/BUFFS & NERFS for 11.19 – NEW META INCOMING – League of Legends Guide”

  1. the aatrox buff is just dumb. aatrox is fine early game, healing reduction is the problem. in my opinion they should remove some of his healing and give him something else he can depend on. because right now he's a pure healing champ, he literally can't do anything else. so when you shut down his healing, yeah he becomes useless. nerf what's making him op/weak and buff him in other areas. maybe make his q cast time go down with attack speed or lvl idk, or give him armor pen in his kit. there's a lot you can do for him. right now he's unplayable with ignite being broken. maybe instead of healing he steals armor idk

  2. lol the thumbnail and Akali's crossed eyes xD

    Like ahhh yes lets buff assassins more and while we're at it lets make Sylas more OP. Meanwhile Ahri doesn't get a buff in centuries. At least they're buffing my Seraphine ulty.

  3. Akali buff is kinda False, She already has 8 HP5. So the Buff is not from 5 to 9 HP5 cause its from 8 to 9HP5 (much smaller).
    The buff wont help the terrible early wave clear and your jgler still ints the 2v3 scuttle fight cause u are pushed under tower :´)

  4. I have a great idea how to buff Aatrox and make him easier to balance (RITO TATCTICS INCOMMING): Whenever Aatrox casts his R he removes griev wounds 5 seconds (those cant be reaplied during that duration) and it resets with every takedown.

    Tbh I dont even think that would be a bad change. The Aatrox player who can stick to his targets and kill them gets rewarded and on the other hand the players who face the Aatrox and can kite him out get rewarded with making a part of his ability useless. Obv there would be a follow up nerf so does not become giga broken again, but at least it would deny that BS 800 gold tactic to completly gut a champ.


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