15 Xbox One Games That Desperately Need Xbox Series X Patches

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The Xbox Series X has done fairly well for itself since launch, especially when running older titles at higher frame rates and resolutions.

However, not every game has received the “Optimized for Series X” treatment. What are some of the best titles that deserve the same? Let’s take a look at 15 of them here.


34 thoughts on “15 Xbox One Games That Desperately Need Xbox Series X Patches”

  1. But why would they update Sunshine overdrive that just wouldn't make sense first of all people barely even liked it on Xbox I liked it it it was pretty good but it didn't sell well it just doesn't make no sense for them to update it I don't think Sunset Overdrive makes sense yes I do like that game but a lot of people does not

  2. Why the xbox video about patches or upgrades sounds so much more negativ than the video for ps. Leave your sassy comments out of it and for your info there is a huge fanbase for gears multiplayer but in other countries. Gears 5 has better visuals than pc and improvements are possible if the engine can do it, if fps boost work on this titles and the original animations arent effected. All this have to be considered by the bc team testing 100 000 hours games, to check if the game is a possible candidate for this features. This take time. I guess ps does the same. But on xbox side it work without developers work. Not every game will get those treatment but for example watchdogs2 is absolutely amazing.i hope sony can do similar things. But it will be different. Bc is a huge thing all of a sudden. Who wants to play old games? I hear jim ryans voice. Look at them now.

  3. Assassins Creed Ezio collection got a 4K Ps4 Pro patch, Watch Dogs 2 got an 1800p checkerboard resolution Pro patch and AC Syndicate 1620p

    As for games that would do well
    Mortal Kombat X 4K/60
    Sunset Overdrive got a 4K patch for PC yet zip for Xbox One X and now Series X
    Agreed about Quantum Break especially how well Control looks
    I wish this list was more than just Xbox “Exclusives”
    AC Syndicate, Unity would do well with 4K/60
    Watch Dogs 1
    AC Odyssey, Origins and Valhalla 60fps and 4K for Odyssey
    Batman Arkham Knight would be stunning with 4K/60 and Ray tracing
    Watch Dogs, Tomb Raider definitive edition
    Metro Redux would be great with the Exodus updates
    Battlefield 4 and Mirrors Edge Catalyst 4K/60

    Too many to name but we’ll see


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