3 Reasons to Upgrade to the PS5 | Genshin Impact

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Welcome to the Wangsheng Funeral Parlor, feel free to comment down below if you have any questions! Just sharing my reasons to consider upgrading your PS4 to PS5 I hope that you find this helpful.

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32 thoughts on “3 Reasons to Upgrade to the PS5 | Genshin Impact”

  1. Honestly, I'm thinking to go on pc (from ps4) for a bunch of reasons. The only problem is there isn't cross-save. And people on Pc and Smartphone can take bonuses via HoyoLab (completely absent on ps) This is so annoying.

    And you don't need a +2500$ pc to play nicely.
    Less than 1000$ and you are good to go (in 1080p 60fps+).
    (Ignoring Genshin for a second because It's a F2P) consoles take money over years with overpriced games (even in discount) and online subscription, the money you try to save now for not buying a pc will be wasted In things you wouldn't want to pay for.

  2. 🌸😹I am absolutely dead at the sheer hilarity of your video. You so not jest, it is painfully obvious when one is playing on PS4 and so atrocious their load times, one is often left thinking “where they at”?!

    My gawd I cannot count upon my fingers the number of times it has felt like waiting for days for these accounts to load and you are left indeed so frustrated.

    I play on iPad Mini 5 and though certainly it cannot compare graphically to the pc experience, functionally it is far superior to the PS4 experience.😹🌸

  3. Reason #1 for not being able to: live in South America

    Cheapest option is 1700 dollars, and yeah, it's not cheap lol. It's costly enough getting the blessing and the battle pass already.

    But one could dream. My PS4 pro still does the job :'(

  4. I have been super lucky with my ps4. I don't get the Fps slow down as much as you made it sound. I did hate the load times for Co OP tho and hopefully will be getting new internet before the end of this year when I get it in my area.

  5. Im a PS4 player actually and these are the reasons why I do want a PS5 as well and since im a big Final Fantasy guy as well. I am considering getting the PS5 sooner or later though. I did the r5 Homa and c6 HuTao as well so wanna chill for like another month before making another somewhat big purchase. It didnt put me in a hole though so we good. Haha. But its really nice to know a content creator actually is playing on a console which is super awesome. And personally I prefer playing Genshin on a console as well.

    And if you see my comment, if its cool with you and you got room, would it be alright to add you through PSN? Im always be happy to play and mess around in co-op when and if im on. Been doing that lately and helping them out as well. Haha.

    But overall, great video on the good aspects of the PS5 and the Genshin experience on it. 😀

  6. One of my best friends is dropping their endgame ps4 account for a pc account because the ps4 experience is so damn bad. I dont get how you can release a game that poorly optimized lol

  7. "This video was designed to highlight what a player will get if they decide to upgrade from a PS4, to a PS5. if you want to build a pc and play on that then sure, there's tons of videos online about good budget pc builds, but this is not one of them. again, this video is made solely for the PS4 players who are thinking about upgrading to a PS5. By the way guys I am not promoting that you buy your console from scalpers in any way!!! They are crooks and shouldn't be supported."

  8. You can also do some hackerman shenanigans and upgrade the PS4 hardware

    Somehow, idk how, also you probably gonna brick a few PS4 doing this
    Don't do this at home


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