A Massive PlayStation Leak Hits The Internet And Another Big Game Gets Delayed | News Wave

The PS2 saw a huge number of prototype builds shared online over the weekend with copies of E3 builds included. This could continue as the source says more will be coming in the future while they work through more of the files. Another game has been delayed, this time it’s Gotham Knights being moved all the way to 2022.

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00:00 – Start

00:48 – Shin Megami Tensei III HD Info

2:01 – Nier Automata Revew Bombed On Steam

3:18 – Spider-Man Delayed For The Avengers Game

4:37 – 700 PS2 Prototypes Dump Announced

8:16 – Gotham Knights Delayed To 2022

10:10 – Tencent Patent Shows Game System

13:24 – Hades Wins GOTY At SXSW

14:40 – Poll

16:01 – Comment Of The Day

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25 thoughts on “A Massive PlayStation Leak Hits The Internet And Another Big Game Gets Delayed | News Wave”

  1. As a Chinese gamer,/game dev, I really wish that one day we can produce our own console that can rival Playstation, XBOX, and Switch … yet we have so many embarrassing failures in the past. There is still a long way to go for the Chinese game industry, and I am not sure if it is a good idea to let Tencent lead the console development : /

  2. Couldn't care less about modding, hacking or anything PC related so ps2 dumps online meh I have plenty of legit released physical ps2 games and games for every other Nintendo, Sega, Sony and Microsoft console all physical all unmodded and unhacked. Tencent making a console is interesting though would probably be an emulator hopefully one that at least played physical cartridges or discs.

  3. I doubt Tencent would want to anger Nintendo by introducing a competitor to the Switch while they are working with them to make Pokemon Unite that's just not a smart business move what I think this will be is a very under powered kind of gaming phone/tablet that's not strong enough to compete with the Switch but is cheaper and strong enough to play fortnight Pokemon Unite and their other mobile games that work better with a controller

  4. They have to release him eventualy at least because it would be a huge lawsuit against them and a mass refund and damages if they dont since its in their marketing for preorders

  5. I can see Tencent being successful in their own handheld windows pc seeing as they’re already in the gaming market so to release a powerful windows based handheld with the Epic game store pre installed i can see working. Really all they need to do is beat alienware to the punch. That said I don’t think that alienware switch thing is going to see the light of day again.

  6. If Tencent wants to enter the console market, they will have to buy a publisher they've invested in like Epic, Ubisoft, or Activison Blizzard for people to be interested. League of Legends and Warfame aren't enough.

  7. That Outro Soundtrack you had before i heard a long time ago, its from a Game from some Hp computers had, is a green "Bomerang" logo i think, that had a catalog of trial games, there is a game called Fate, a RPG dungeon crawler that i had the most fun with. I watched your videos at the end but its not nostalgic anymore UnU
    Edit: My mistake, the logo is a Purple "W" called WildTangent

  8. The devs are still planning on releasing Spider-Man 2021, they did not include his information on the roadmap. They even go as far as to explain that not everything they are working on and plan to work on are on the roadmap for Avengers.


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