Albralelie Explains Why He Would Remove Revenant From Apex – Apex Legends Highlights

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Albralelie Explains Why He Would Remove Revenant From Apex – Apex Legends Highlights

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Time Stamps:

00:00 What you came for
00:29 How to get better with wingman
00:45 Timmy Big Brain
00:59 Imperialhal being insane with longbow
01:26 Stormen squad wipe
01:47 Rpr clutch
02:09 Cute Nessie placement
02:36 Timmy squad wipe
03:09 Ottr Train Wipe (that’s a thing now)
03:45 Zipeth Insane Armor Swape
04:19 Escapeing but in Taxi’s style
04:40 Shiv Big clutch
05:58 Timmy clutch
06:19 Stormen clutch
06:44 Taxi smooth 1 v 2
07:00 Taxi Amazing Grapple
07:12 Imperialhal can’t get over the wall
07:40 Shiv clutch
08:18 Rogue Kraber Win
09:22 Golasooo!
09:51 Selly Clutch
10:00 Imperialhal squad wipe
10:30 Selly with longbow
10:49 Rogue with Kraber
11:21 Perfect Nade
11:30 Euriece squad wipe
12:05 Knoqd squad wipe
12:35 Burning the Nessie


32 thoughts on “Albralelie Explains Why He Would Remove Revenant From Apex – Apex Legends Highlights”

  1. Mac got asked what character he would remove from the game, this is not a complain, he just got asked a question and he responded, do I really need to explain this or we cool?

  2. Looking at this comment section just confirms that Apex has one of the worst communities out there I thought cod was bad but somehow it gets worse than that. It doesn't matter what Respawn does theres always a complaint.

  3. easy way to balance him albralelie i know he is scared of rev but to balance revenant easy bring back the range on his totem if you go past the range on it you no longer have the power of the totem when you get sent back to totem you have 2 bars of shield and 5 hp making it so people cant instantly push people after being sent back the thing is thats how revenant was in season 4 when he first got added why respawn changed it idk i think it was very fucking dumb of them to do that considering the fact that anyone can push you no matter how far you are now can tell they really thought it threw (sarcasm)

  4. only thing thats good is he can climb buildings now, the fact that professional players are the ones bitching about people sneaking up on them and not noticing might actually be the most pathetic thing ive ever heard. they also say this while abusing the absolute living hell out of octane. Character passively regens health, has his movement ult every 60 seconds, and has a tactical that allows him to literally outrun anyone. no fucking way this guy wakes up and is fine with himself.


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