/ALL CHAT REMOVED – League of Legends

/ALL CHAT REMOVED – League of Legends. Riot is disabling /all chat in every game mode starting next patch! 🔔K/DA AKALI COSPLAY AT 100K SUBS: http://bit.ly/RemusSub

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29 thoughts on “/ALL CHAT REMOVED – League of Legends”

  1. I agree that this is a bad change, but every counter solution you gave was pretty bad tbh with the exception of voice chat. Riot should stop banning people altogether for using chat and flaming and whatever because typically those criteria are farrrr too subjective. Example, you could be playing adc and you ask your support to walk up or not to take creeps, they may start crying and calling you toxic, or another player might define toxic as simply saying 'git gud' after an outplay. Whilst personally for me i would define neither of those scenarios as toxic. There is no benefit to coddling weak minded players in the game who may define the same word within an unbelievable range of parameters and instead its far more productive to make it easier to ban players who troll or intentionally employ game ruining strategies to worsen everyone else's experience. They should employ voice chat to help circumvent the amount of negative interactions players have in chat but its literally impossible, and counter-productive to try to police chat in the first place.

  2. Why do some gaming companies feel the need to choose for players what negative/positive experience they have? We all know what we sign up for when we play a competitive online game, and we have the tools to mute or disable all chat. Is it really worth babying the small fraction of logically inept players in the playerbase so they feel happier about playing the game? Riot wants to arbitrarily remove negative experiences just so the players are happy and spend more money on the game. It is extremely shallow.

    Let players decide on how they will play the game, and how they will interact with other players. It would've been a better change to implement a "Remove Chat" setting so people who don't want to deal with any chatting have that tool available to them. Why is my experience being decided despite there being tools in place that allow me to adjust how I take in the game? Sincerely a trash change. And guess who is co-signed at the bottom of this riot blog? Riot fucking Brightmoon. Fire this prick already.

    Yes im spamming this where I can, this change is objectively bad.

  3. Honestly, I think it's just a starting point. Everyone is getting a bit upset, but lets not forget they most likely store all the comments people make somewhere and can confirm that a bulk of it isn't friendly banter. I have this feeling that this will ultimately lead into more chat adjustments down the line (even those on your own team). The way I'm trying to look at this is like more of a "research study" where if there are positive impacts from this change, they will move into other areas of it. Only time will tell.

  4. Seems like a pointless change that only has negative affects, we've gone from having a choice whether or not to use it or even straight up ignore it by disabling it. It's a shame since I found /all chat hilarious being one of the older things of League that still held up.

    Also it does feel like Riot are being a little patronising basically saying that they don't trust their player base to use /all chat.

  5. ARAM without /all would be really sad to play, i always loved interacting with the enemy, or make jokes, like playing the chill mode and chilling with everyone, even with the enemies. Guess there is no more of that. Ty rito

  6. Riot is something special for not just banning specific players with hard evidence given to them. If you want to set an example to players you need to ban players from the game. I remember my buddy had told me to say the N word in Rainbow and I had gotten banned from the game. I was more surprised I got banned than mad since I did not think the game would do that. Riot needs to do something similar to this. Stop being a pussy and engage into the problem when evidence is supported that said player should be banned. The game isn't the problem its the players. Listen to the players asking for help when inters and so are in their game. Getting rid of the rotten eggs betters the game plain and simple

  7. I hate and love the idea.
    This notion that toxicity comes only from your team, is bs. And the idea that VOICE CHAT would be better is bat shit fucking crazy. Voice is 1000000000x worse than text and the last thing that should ever be added for League outside of premades.
    However I've also met some amazing people from all chat, and this feels like toxic asshat children winning again. You're taking away a cool feature, because of toxic p*ssy willows who sit on a computer and talk big and bad from the safety of their basement. It's just lame and unfortunate it has come to this.

  8. Many times my team is mad at my friend who isn’t doing well and their being so mean and us and the enemy team are having a good time about it and laughing while our teammate is being a bitch soo I don’t understand this change at all like remove team chat just only play the game through pings maybe riot should add more pings idk


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