All New Revenant and Loba Interaction Voice Lines | Apex Legends

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Apex Legends All New Revenant And Loba Interaction Voice Lines. #ApexLegendsRevenantandlobainteractionvoicelines #NewLobaInteraction …


46 thoughts on “All New Revenant and Loba Interaction Voice Lines | Apex Legends”

  1. Oh snap I think you missed one when I was playing I had landed in the fight night arena as revenant and he said I want to wear your face has a mask and eat your children

  2. Its very sad when you realize that he isnt a jerk because he wants to he is a jerk because Hammond Robotics made him the way he is and now his last ticket of hope that was Loba just yeeted the source code in the phase runners I am starting to feel bad for him

  3. I am still confused as to why would someone piss off a guy that has infinite amount of time to ruin your life TWICE! you cannot live comfortably in anyway shape or form now. I don't understand why would anyone take revenge on someone who you know is alive and can then reenact revenge on you in your life when revenge is not your priority anymore. I'm trying to find the logic.


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