All New/Updated Skins & Emotes Haven't Returned/Released! Fortnite Item Shop Preview

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This video is about All New and Updated Skins/Emotes that haven’t Returned/Released yet. These are all of the Skins & Emotes that got updated in the last 7-8 Updates.

Time Stamps:
[00:00] Information (Important)
[00:20] Preview
[00:40] New/Updated Outfits
[09:41] Updated Emotes
[14:07] Updated Skins & Emotes that will never Return
[14:50] Back Bling got Modified/Updated
[15:45] Rainbow Racer Skin Info


Fortnite All New & Updated Skins & Emotes
All New & Updated Skins Item Shop Preview
New Updated Skins & Emotes Item Shop Fortnite
Fortnite Updated Emotes Item Shop

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43 thoughts on “All New/Updated Skins & Emotes Haven't Returned/Released! Fortnite Item Shop Preview”

  1. Originally planned to add all cosmetics but i realized that it will be a very long video, for other cosmetics like pickaxe, gliders etc. i will make a separate video
    Also for the unreleased cosmetics you will see a "NEW" tag on the top left corner of their image/asset
    One more thing i can't show encrypted cosmetics because it's not possible

  2. I know for a fact kiss the cup and world warrior are not gonna return since they had the limited time tag, however raise the cup never did so thats why i think It still has a chance of returning

  3. waiting on Steel Sight… hope I got enough vbucks by then whenever she returns… I'm also 8 subs away from 500 so please help me out. I'll make it worth your while.


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