Among Us 2 | What were the developers original plans? Q&A

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We have a very special video today. We were lucky to have the developers from Innserloth play live with me on twitch and were kind enough to answer questions on the future of Among Us, what they have planned for Among Us 2 and how they started Innersloth. This is a video not to be missed.
Innersloth Developers

Introduction | 0:00
What was your inspiration for Among Us? | 00:16
How was Innersloth formed? | :0048
Do you all work full time at Innersloth or have other jobs on the side? | 01:14
Will Among us 2 feature the introduction of new roles? | 01:29
When Among us 2 is released will Among Us 1 be shutdown? | 02:15
Do you have plans to make the game compatible for multi-platforms? | 02:24
Will Among Us 2 feature all new maps? | 02:44
Can we expect more colour choice in Among Us 2? | 03:18
Do you plan in incorporating your own version of in-voice chat? | 03:35
Can we expected to see Among Us 2 feature hide and seek? | 04:43
Do you get many suggestions from players of the game? | 05:09Will there be new kill animations and tasks added to the game? | 05:31
Have you always lived close together or can you work happily from a distance? | 05:48
How was Amy introduced to the game? | 06:14
Do you have any advice for people looking at game developing? | 06:48
Are you planning on adding any extra merchandise to your store? | 07:18
Have all the new beta features and game modes been in the works for a while? | 08:15
Can you reveal any strange bugs in the game? | 08:48
How often do you get to play the game? | 09:05
Is it Puff’s birthday in two days? | 09:24
In Polus is it a drill or a rocket? | 09:40
Why don’t they have arms? | 09:49
Are we going to get a baguette helmet in the game? | 10:02
Puffballs does the rucksack contain a sandwich for the kids? | 10:23
When will the servers be fixed? | 10:34
Developers is there anything you wish to pass on to the fans? | 11:08

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45 thoughts on “Among Us 2 | What were the developers original plans? Q&A”

  1. This game got way too popular for what it deserves, and even though it randomly blew up because of a streamer the devs still don't give us new maps. Like the game gets old but people keep playing it.

  2. Bruh why are you talking about among us 2??? its been cancelled you guys are so lazy for talking about among us 2 well now all the good updates are going to the original game so dont make a part 2 of this please


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