Among Us but the Redrum Impostors are UNSTOPPABLE | Among Us Mods w/ Friends

Welcome to Among Us! It’s a simple deception game. As crewmates, we have to complete a set of tasks before the impostors can win. The impostors must sabotage and take out crew mates in order to stop them from completing their tasks. No communication is allowed during the actual rounds. Once a body has been discovered or an emergency meeting is called, we can discuss our accounts of what happened. Then we try to vote the likely impostors off the ship. This game is SO MUCH FUN. I really hope you guys enjoy this. This was streamed on Twitch, so come on by the next time we play it!! 😀

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30 thoughts on “Among Us but the Redrum Impostors are UNSTOPPABLE | Among Us Mods w/ Friends”

  1. "Undertaker sucks now."
    "What happened?"
    Well he used to be great, like when he chokeslammed Mankind through the roof of Hell in a Cell, but now he's gotten old and kept wrestling after his Wrestlemania streak ended. He had a bit more after that, but not much. Thankfully he is fully retired now and inducted into the Hall of Fame.

  2. "Let's get a task win on the LG" That honestly would be a hilarious play – just sit there as imposters and wait until they realize the game isn't ending because nobody's done a task yet for 40 minutes.

  3. New idea for a role. Clone someone by sampling them, place a clone of them on the map, and if anyone gets close to the clone, they die. After the clone kills, it runs in a direction then vanishes.

  4. What a wild session this was! Proxy AU always brings out the energy in people, as well as the chaos, and I’m glad Ze managed to have fun despite having his social battery drained in the process. Mob voting for multiple Exe and Jester wins, Tay running in circles while shouting the Millennial catchphrase, demands to say ‘Cucumber’, random outbursts of Junkyard’s theme song-the madness never ends! XD I’m counting that Grenadier carry after Courtilly died early as a spiritual win, because you really deserved that one! And as always, Team Redrum is amazing, and only a tiny bit toxic, but mostly amazing, lol. LK perfectly captured the essence of this duo in the title card and I look forward to seeing how the other iconic Ze pairs will be depicted!

    I know these lobbies can be overwhelming with all the bits and grouping and screaming that go on, and I really want to thank you, Ze, for coming back week after week for our entertainment. You always put out quality content and make the streams and videos enjoyable ways to spend our time. 🙂

  5. Next Among Us role should be a mercenary (yes, you can call it that…). Basically a neutral killing role that wins with whichever side wins, so it's like if a Survivor could kill. Allows for all sorts of meeting shenanigans (as well as Proximity chat).

  6. I absolutely love watching Kara and Ze cause trouble together!! Redrum forever!!!!

    When they're a duo, it's almost always a guaranteed win – achieved with a brilliant admixture of skill, cunning, teamwork AND the occasional silly antics.

    There IS a one-up to this though..!

    ..and it's when you add Skadj into the mix!!! Cuz' then it all just takes a HUGE turn towards absolute and uncontrollable chaos!

    The three Horned Ones-

    The King, the Witch, and the Skadj

    Often just found randomly stopping and staring at each other, shielding one another, ignoring each others kills and even vouching/clearing (or incriminating) each other at the very first chance to do so! 🤣❤


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