Another New Switch Feature Found In Update 12.0 And A PS5 Game Gets Delayed Again | News Wave

The new firmware for the Switch has been getting datamined over the last few days with another feature found that was added as part of update 12.0.0 with something that fans have been asking for since launch. Another PS5 game has been delayed with Deathloop now seeing a second delay since originally being planned for release last year.

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00:00 – Start

00:42 – Team Blue Box Talks Kojima Rumors

2:02 – Destroy All Humans Coming To Switch

3:03 – Doug Bowser Talks E3

4:22 – Nintendo Adds Bluetooth Audio Support

7:53 – Deathloop Gets Delayed

11:04 – Borderlands 3 Switch Confusion

13:37 – WWE 2K22 Set To Debut

16:11 – Poll

17:16 – Comment Of The Day

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42 thoughts on “Another New Switch Feature Found In Update 12.0 And A PS5 Game Gets Delayed Again | News Wave”

  1. If it on the switch pro I can’t wait to see the trailer for the system. It going to be sweet and I’m ready to put money down already for it and trade my switch for it. 😅

  2. Got my Analogue Super nT that was restocked today. Sold out again within a hour or so. Thanks for your review and teardown that convinced me that I needed this.

  3. it's not surprising to me that the Switch doesn't have support for bluetooth headphones yet. iirc, bluetooth only lets you connect up to 8 devices of any type. so, with 4 pairs of JoyCons, you're already at that max. i'll bet that Nintendo's trying to avoid the confusion from people trying to connect some bluetooth speakers and then not being able to hook up all their controllers, or vice versa. not the best reason in the world, but still a pretty valid one.

  4. I say the interactive thing Nintendo mentioned is the ability to download Game Demos that they are showing off which can be played for x amount of time or game will expire when E3 is finished.

  5. I just really hope Resident Evil 8 is good. I liked 7 but for me it’s pretty forgettable. I much preferred RE2 Remake. I was hoping RE8 would be this big blowout game for next gen but it’s not feeling like that for me on the hype radar 😞. It’s really feeling like I’m gonna have to wait til God of War and Halo for a big next gen game

  6. "Make sure that like button helps out a ton."
    He says that every time.. And like, it works but it just sounds weird to me every time. Also, I just got one of those little bluetooth audio things for my switch today and it's absolutely amazing to play with my RAYCONS. Lol seriously though.

  7. It’s utterly baffling Nintendo still doesn’t support wireless audio in 2021. Even if the Switch revision is to support it how incompetent of a corporation do you have to be to not have a basic feature such as Bluetooth in the first place 💀

  8. NICE headphones always have cables.
    Everything else is crap. There is noise that distords the sound even if you dont really notice.

    Go buy yourself some Beyerdynamics or AKG (old school like K701) dont use in ear. In ear can damage your hearing and they never sound even close to good headphones.
    And avoid crap like BEATS or BOSE.

  9. Guys do you think there’ll be any hope for the new switch pro to have microphone function so that we can talk while playing multiplayer games?


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