Apex Legends Is Finally Releasing New Content

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Apex Legends Is Finally Releasing New Content as Season 12 looms closer and we should be getting the Control Mode, TDM mode, which includes 6v6 and a host of other features and updates we have not had yet in Apex Legends. The upcoming apocalypses themed season will add in a new legend and a whole new game mode to truly revitalize the community and have a new way to experience one of the best core mechanic games out there.

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43 thoughts on “Apex Legends Is Finally Releasing New Content”

  1. They just released an enormous new map, a new legend, a new gun and a new Arena map THIS SEASON. Thats one of the largest amount of content in teh game's history. The reason people are complaining about content isn't because they're not releasing stuff, but because people like you keep making videos pretending like theres a content shortage just to get clicks.

  2. My favorite part of the entire video was watching the chinchilla just sitting there minding his own business. You could have said that the game was ending, but my mind would have still been focused on the chinchilla. 😂


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