Apex Legends Nintendo Switch Gameplay Review

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Apex Legends on Nintendo Switch now has an offical release date and with that we have our first gameplay trailer so its time to break it down and go over the graphics, resolution and what we can learn from this trailer. Along with that we cover the new legendary pathfinder skin, the 2 weeks of free XP, the 30 free battlepass levels and the size of the download. After covering that information we can take a look at some other games coming to the Nintendo Switch such as Fall Guys, Splatoon 3, and Monster Hunter Rise.

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34 thoughts on “Apex Legends Nintendo Switch Gameplay Review”

  1. I’ve played switch loads if there’s a separate ranked just for switch servers easy pred on switch and easy 20 bomb 4K I will be known as “TTV.TTV.TTV.TTV.TTV.TTV.

  2. "A couple frames per second isn't going to ruin your experience…" wait…WHAT?

    Looks at 4 player Warframe running on Switch at 15 frames per second on Orb Vallis while fighting the Profit Taker…

    uh huh, if you say so…

  3. It's extremely easy to see the difference between 30 and 60, even in trailers. This however, looks more in line with 30 fps, which is still perfectly fine if it's a locked 30.


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