Apex Legends Ranked Grind to Diamond Gameplay

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πŸ”΄ Can We Get It In One Stream? – Apex Legends Ranked Grind to Diamond Gameplay (LIVE)

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28 thoughts on “Apex Legends Ranked Grind to Diamond Gameplay”

  1. I'd love some tips on a good way to get an heirloom, if anyone has anything plz let me know because it's between my dad, 2 uncles, my cousin, my brother and myself so my dad and uncles have been playing ever since the game came out and they still don't have one so I'd love to get one before them

  2. The 10.000 group pack thing doesn't work bro, some people could have multiple heirloom, while other are a couple of packs away from their first.
    So even if it's random, it still isn't in some cases

    You would have to open 1 pack on 10.000 new account
    Or open 10.000 packs om 1 account for it to be accurate ✌
    But the original plan is still a fun little research idea! I'm down to open a pack πŸ™‚

  3. See the thing is as you go up in ranked playstyles change. Ik you great at the game and an excellent pub stomper(not saying you arent good at ranked). But the thing is in plat and up there will be 3 types of people… 1 clueless people (usually the minority probably soloed to plat and ratted most of the way. Never push. Usually plat 4 for life and proud). 2 Scared people. (People who dont want to lose that 36 points so have no intention to push until someone holds there hand the whole way and its only 3 squads last 2 teams fighting). 3 Smarter people (they might want to push but there positioning and placement is more important. Why try to grief this team if we dont have all the info we need. Storms coming we can rotate early and gate keep. Theyre fighting at range it not a great 3rd party yet.) the playstyle a lot of people lean towards is getting kp early then worry about positioning and only fight if necessary. Try to get the last of your kp in that final big fight generally around the last 4-5 teams. Not to mention its on a huge map now so teams will definately spread out so it makes placing high hard because fights take longer and are more spaced out than the typical everyone land hot

  4. Talk about playstyles all yer want, but people are just straight up worse on average in pubs, that's why its more fun! Enjoyed this stream tbh, us plebs can relate to it more!


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