Apex Players FREAK Out after Respawn Just Posted THIS… (pros say it's not fair)

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Apex Players FREAK Out after Respawn Posted THIS… (pros say it’s not fair)

JMeyels Here,
Apex Players had mixed opinions after Apex announced this was returning, but not for the reasons I expected. Mostly because of the late notice, players were upset. But many creators and competitors overall seemed to be very happy to see ALGS return for all regions expect EMEA. Also in the news is drama with Respawn Devs, Apex Pro ImperialHal, Farmerlucas, TeQ, and G2Dezignful and inhuman.

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21 thoughts on “Apex Players FREAK Out after Respawn Just Posted THIS… (pros say it's not fair)”

  1. Idk but i feel like im forgetting something… also im surprised Hal said that, do you guys feel like Apex has been boring? Its been more so since control left but overall im still having a good time


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