A BIG FUNKY FRIDAY YouTuber just got CANCELLED and TERMINATED in Roblox FNF?! We’ll be discussing and going over the Funky Friday and Roblox FNF drama going on between Reddzzyx and the Roblox FNF community. Please do spread more awareness!

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42 thoughts on “Big FUNKY FRIDAY YouTuber CANCELLED?! (Roblox FNF)”

  1. i acctually hated red for making clickbaits
    nearly every single video he posted was clickbait
    but deleting all of his videos and blocking him for 2 weeks is a bit tough

  2. I honestly don't really like Red because of his content, but I don't think he deserved it. I think Robo should have given him a last warning, and only 1 Copyright Strike, because that is just too much.

  3. L bozo

    seriously, this is a lesson that if you make shit copy paste content, then one day your mistakes will catch up to you. reds channel was a ticking bomb. weeks before this happened, if you remember the end of one of jacks tik tok videos, a guy was exposing red. if your reading this red, youre getting what was coming for you.

  4. i honestly dont even care since i cant even play ff and fnb cuz my device is too trash and crashes all the time i just watch ff styff to see how the community is doing

  5. I pretty much think that redd deserves to be cancelled, like he always clickbaits, shows off some leaks that will possibly come or not,
    doesn't even care about the good chat with robo and tambrush, just keeps on breaking the promise, i really think he deserves to be cancelled.

  6. I do believe what red has been doing is completely wrong and he should’ve been the better person and changed his content I do also believe he deserves this because he had multiple warning and chose to ignore them but I also do believe in a second chances, and I think red deserves a second chance but if he fails that he then should face the more harsher consequences.

  7. Basically yes. I remember I was just watching your vids when I saw his channel and I was thinking that maybe it's real or not so when I watched it he was doing FAKE leaks of funky Friday because FNB has those animations. Thank you Jack for telling all of us

  8. Not really surprising by Red getting canelled like come on now, he always makes fake clipbait and always makes terrible vids in my opinion and yes everyone can agree he deserve this

  9. Hey captain, ima be completely honest I’m so glad this guy got canceled. This man’s clickbait is out of this world and I hated it with dear life, making people think “Funky Friday has a new update in 2 mins” with almost every video he has made. Man cares about views so much he uploads faster that a YouTube kids animation channel.


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