Call of Duty MP5 Experience.EXE

Call of Duty added the MP5 in Cold War and Warzone. This weapon is really good in loadout/ class setups when you use a sniper next to it. I need that Mac 10 nerf. This gun is over powered and I can’t wait for more updates on zombies, Warzone, and multiplayer. Black Ops Cold War mid season 1 update is soon! This means a new zombie map! I also can’t wait for the Modern Warfare Season 7 content to release with it! There are also new bundles in the store to buy! This was the Call of Duty MP5 Experience.EXE


36 thoughts on “Call of Duty MP5 Experience.EXE”

  1. I think MP5 finna be meta when this Mac 10 gets nerfed NO CAPPPP, music used: Black Eyed Peas – I Gotta Feeling, Paranoid by

    Black Sabbath, Work by Rihnna, Jack Harlow – WHATS POPPIN, and 4Peat by XXXTentacion

  2. Hey hunter just wanted to ask if you have a tik tok account because there's someone who's pretending to be you and he's getting a lot of likes and follows for it so idk if that's you or not.

  3. Hunter had host advantage thoe, I’ve lagged before n then I hosted the game and the other person had problems lmao but Mp5 is still the gun everyone uses like I thought it woulda been different from MW but its still the same 😭😂

  4. I speak Spanish but your content is too good, and I feel that if I spoke English I would really enjoy your content, anyway, I love you 👍
    Hunter, you don't need to read this:
    Dice que me gusta su contenido y ya xd


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