Call Of Duty WARZONE: WIN MORE GAMES With These KEY TIPS! (WARZONE Tips & Tricks)

Here’s some major things to focus on when trying to win more games in WARZONE!
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In this video, we’re breaking down the Major Keys you need to implement into your gameplay to try and Win more games in Call Of Duty WARZONE! Today’s tips and tricks video for COD WARZONE aims to help you improve and ultimately win more games by focusing on gaining as much information as possible when engaging, including team numbers, positioning, possible rotations, and more! WARZONE can be won in a handful of ways, but today we’re focusing on those easy wins to boost your win count!

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22 thoughts on “Call Of Duty WARZONE: WIN MORE GAMES With These KEY TIPS! (WARZONE Tips & Tricks)”

  1. One tip I have is, if you can get a shot off someone, even if they're too far to kill them. Shoot them, even one bullet will do, no matter how much damage, that's one plate they need to use and waste.

  2. Amazing video quality, however; you didn’t really talk about the main points in the intro you said you would cover (weapon load outs , tips) it was only commentating over your own match and saying what’s going on without giving straight tips. Still a great video man 👍🏼 just my thoughts

  3. Want to win MORE games on Warzone, find out if your HOMIES use CHEATS/HACKS every game. They can carry you while you do nothing but run around and talk shit, t bag opponents, and get the BEST loot available. meanwhile your homies will be laying down 360-720 degree 1500 meter shotgun/pistol NO SCOPES, and you’ll get more wins GUARANTEED!


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