CARRYING WITH LULU! – Climb to Master | League of Legends

Welcome to some Lulu! We end up doing a really good job this game and manage to do some insane background carrying with countering an Evelynn! Like, Comment & Subscribe! League of Legends Lulu Support Gameplay.

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CARRYING WITH LULU! – Climb to Master | League of Legends


25 thoughts on “CARRYING WITH LULU! – Climb to Master | League of Legends”

  1. 20% damage reduction would be awful though

    Tanks would be op, sustained fighters would be stronger and burst classes would cease to exists

    Though I guess it would make adc more tolerable

  2. Tbh tahm has always done a lot of damage for a tank but it used to not be as oppressive because he was slow without mobility and not as impactfull as other tanks in teamfights since he didn't burst and only had single target cc that he had to stack his passive to get.
    Now Tahm go burrrrrr I guess.
    (Edit) also tanks do build some damage items imo they just give tank stats as well ex sunfire items with damage passives.

  3. Pull back damage across the board, make tanks more viable.
    Nerf Divine Sunderer spell blade damage and healing, nerf Kraken Slayer true damage, nerf ignite. If they nerf damage, exhaust will also probably need to be tuned.

  4. Yeah tanks are really… but it's literally their own meta. like toplaners are so broken but they all are that's why it's "fair" (not really tho). to be fair tho lux and twitch didnt buy armour/magic pen. lux even went for merc instead of sorcs. twitch went for galeforce and wits end. in theory they shouldnt be able to deal high dmg against him. i get the point tho, being unkillable and killing easily the squishies is kinda dumb

  5. Great performance. Twitch can be annoying to lane with but that kinda comes the fact he has Camo, so he does wanna roam just in the off chance he gets a kill.

    When he roamed and you disliked it, the lane was pushed and was gonna crash regardless of if he was there or not. I know you heavily dislike the champ but he wasnt THAT bad.

  6. This is one of those episodes where you had verbal diarrhea. You say very early on "second fight" , go twitch go buddy shielded him but did not see the jungler as didn't twitch and when shit hit the fan you said he's a bad player!

  7. Tried Lulu. Weakest champ ever. No dmg. Shield is overdamaged by a single auto attack. How is Lulu considered good? Enemy was morgana+cait. Couldnt even get close to W anyone. Worst support ever.


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