Catabolic Seed – The Scary Jokes

The original official upload was marked as “for kids,” so I’m uploading a version that isn’t. If the original is changed back, please let me know.


Cool Twitter account that you should definitely follow because it would make me happy (also lewd Eitr (girl in my pfp) art, there’s that too):


1 thought on “Catabolic Seed – The Scary Jokes”

  1. I'm not uploading this due to its obscurity (like the Shogo Nomura songs,), rather because the official upload of the song was marked as "for kids" for some reason, despite the song's rather heavy subject matter. If the original, Youtube-sanctioned upload (from the channel "The Scary Jokes – Topic") becomes "un-kid friendly," please let me know, I'll take this post down.


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