CD Projekt Red Brings Modding To Cyberpunk 2077 – H.A.M. Radio Podcast Ep 287

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Intro/What We’re Playing: 00:0019:35

Cyberpunk 2077 Is Getting Mods: 19:3627:30

KOTOR Rumors: 27:3151:41

Hitman 3 Is A Big Success: 51:421:01:22

Microsoft’s Deep Pockets: 1:01:231:14:52

Patron Questions: 1:14:53 – END


24 thoughts on “CD Projekt Red Brings Modding To Cyberpunk 2077 – H.A.M. Radio Podcast Ep 287”

  1. It sound to me like The Medium was a game where the entire prompt for it were those cool levels in video games where you flip back and forth between time periods (Titanfall 2, Dishonored 2, etc), but the developers didn't really know what else to add to it to make it a full game.

  2. Would you ever do a 2021 review or something similar about For Honor? Still one of my favorite games just because of the combat system, and I’ve always thought that the Art of Battle system could be a really interesting addition to a Ubisoft RPG (maybe lightsaber combat w For Honor mechanics?)

  3. Imagine the modders making a massive quest mod with full on voice acting and everything, a followers mod, role playing dialogue choices mod, immersion mod, npc AI mod, etc…

  4. They did a Bethesda, release a shitty broken ass game and have the modders fix it for them, next they'll probably start charging you to download the mods as well.
    I'm glad I refunded this shit.

  5. I hate the live service model, but I'm really surprised there has never been a popular live service skating game. It could be an interesting take that actually benefits from the model so the levels are full of live and not completely empty.

  6. I would agree with you on the mandalorian and relying on old characters, but I think the mandalorian needed it as the sequel movies ruined the characters we loved, despite bringing them back. So I think fans wanted to see some sort of connection. So im hoping with all these new shows we are getting, we got a lot of new characters.

  7. I really liked the notebook idea. I Totally keep a wine journal but never thought to do it with gaming. Think I'll start, cause there was a game I recently downloaded I thought I hadn't plaid….but I money I didn't need to spend. So, great idea Matty!! I'll be doing something similar I think..😜☺☺💖

  8. matty i'm going to be honest with you i have no fucking clue how you "review" or "rate" a podcast man, i use spotify sometimes but yeah…. no clue lol. I'd give yours, defining duke, acg international, tim dillon show, and the JRE 5 stars for sure if i knew how!

  9. An exclusive for the 360 that I still love to this day and wish it got a remaster for current gen, was Infinite Undiscovery. That thing was just amazing as a young teenager. Brilliant combat, amazing end game mode with a tower that had insanely difficult bosses. Good times.

  10. "The creation engine, near perfect" – Matty 2021 man 2020 was super tough on us all! You good there Matty?! Aha jokes aside I have to agree, playing a creation game always feels very open ended and sandboxy, janky as hell yes but it's almost like a lovable character flaw in a way! Its "charming" feels like home! 🙂 much love brotha!

  11. I know very little about stocks but what I do know is it's safer to invest in something like the nasdaq as a whole or the fortune 500 than any individual stock for long term wealth accumulation. There is others out there and videos that can explain it more eloquently @MrMattyPlays in response to 1:03:29


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