Classic Zeri, the Spark of Zaun – Ability Preview – League of Legends

Zeri, Spark of Zaun Ability Preview.
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00:00 Recall
00:18 Splash
00:23 Emotes
00:47 Passive
00:53 Basics
00:58 Q Ability
01:05 W Ability
01:25 EQ Ability
01:38 E + Wall Ability
01:58 R Ability
02:32 Zoomed out Abilities
02:57 Crit
03:10 RIP


30 thoughts on “Classic Zeri, the Spark of Zaun – Ability Preview – League of Legends”

  1. We need VALORANT x League skins.
    Jett Akali,
    Phoenix Ekko,
    Neon Zeri,
    Cypher or Chamber Jhin,
    Brimstone Gankplank,
    Reyna Evelynn or Syndra,
    Yoru Talon,
    Omen Zed,
    Sova Varus,
    Breach Graves

    Weird match but Skye Quinn, I imagine her Q being the blinding Bird, her E would transform her into a wolf jumping and disrupting a target and her W would let the Flower jellyfish appear above one for "seeking out". Would be a legendary skin tho.

  2. Hello ,just wanted to say that Ahri has some bug in walking in her spirit blossom skin that is really annoying when she walks it feels like her left arm and leg are broken and even the clothes animations have bugs too I hope you guys fixing it thanks a lot have a great day ♥😇


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