Cracked With An RE-45 (Apex Legends)

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Season 7 with Skilled-Based Matchmaking and still somehow to slay the lobby with the RE-45. This gun isn’t bad by any means. It feels super clean to use, and all around a fun gun. It’s not something I recommend in ranked by any means, but it is a solid gun to mess around with in pubs!

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33 thoughts on “Cracked With An RE-45 (Apex Legends)”

  1. I’ve been actually playing the re-45 over the 99 this season because of quick draw. The reload speed is more forgiving than the 99 if you don’t land all your shots. But it also makes you a harder target because of the strafing increase… as slight as that is.

  2. Merry Christmas and I love you guys man no bs. All you guys who come through match1ns channel and him and parth and dusty even dusty man 😂❤️. Love these hilarious giggles videos man.

  3. Is this reversed boosting to get 54k and 49k kills against small time players like that? Or are them low level players just that good with their couple hundred kills to face yall?

  4. I switched from ps4 to keyboard and mouse. I've played fortnite on keyboard and mouse for about 2 years so my flicks and tracking is good but my close up tracking isn't so good.. do you have any tips?

  5. I know everyone says R-99 is better…but I hit more of my shots with the RE-45 so I use that instead 😀 plus I got a legendary skin so that helps !! This is awesome game play thank you


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