Cultists Buttering That Corn Bread – Escape from Tarkov

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13 thoughts on “Cultists Buttering That Corn Bread – Escape from Tarkov”

  1. I really love the cultists a lot though. In my opinion they are a "boss scav" done right. If all the boss scavs were at this level of scary and op that would be amazing. Every wipe i always try to focus some of the boss scavs that are pretty easy like reshala and then you get some really solid gear until you die with it that is at early wipe just overpowered. I think that very quickly hurts the new wipe feel if the christamas gift with a fuck ton of 7.62 BP ammo didn't. I don't think anyone is taking there early wipe loot and killing these cultist though, think it would be tuff even with scav boss stuff, but its great i love it. So i hope at some point they scale up scav bosses to be this type of hard. Where in order for you to have any type of consistency killing it you either need to play incredible well with good gear solo or play well in a group. I know tarkov isn't really a mmo and shouldn't have a "end game", but i was viewed killing boss scavs as a sort of end game thing. They drop solid guns with solid armor and top tier ammo. They aren't easy to take out and sometimes just instant kill you, but i like to see battlestate make them harder to be even more "end game" like some raid boss shit in wow.

  2. I’ve killed a couple cultist already and one was a one shot headshot with the Cheap Lps 7.62x54r mosin ammo. I know they probably have varying health but a one tap with the shit mosin ammo means some of the only have 70hp in the head like the other bosses in the game


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