Cyberpunk 2077 – All New Updates! CDPR Gets Some Backup From Famous Dev!

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Cyberpunk 2077 News Update – A famous developer has come to the aid of CD Projekt Red, offering his own words against the hate. Plus, looks like the hacking situation against CDPR was far more worse than first realized!

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22 thoughts on “Cyberpunk 2077 – All New Updates! CDPR Gets Some Backup From Famous Dev!”

  1. I would have been a lot more lenient and they would have deserved it…if they had told the truth and been honest from the start about what objectives they have in mind for the game, which ones they achieved and how they actually ended up playing out in the game itself. That's one reason his call for going easy on them it total bullshit. The second thing was that they accepted money for it. Ask a drug dealer, ask Walmart…you take somebody's cash you better have a damn good timeline for when the product is being delivered if it's not immediate. They kept postponing, okay, fine…tell your fans and paying customers what is going on, what fears you have or concerns if you push the release and do it prematurely…NO ONE WANTS A GAME THAT DOESN"T FUCKING WORK! So Cyberpunk got exactly what it deserved. You hype your game, you lie about your game and your progress and you accept money for those lie fueled future sales…you've already wronged the customer before you've even released the game. So screw him. Shows what we can expect from him in the future.

  2. I believe that CDPR will never recover from this. They will become a lesson in a future business book about marketing and the lesson their extinction proves is that customers are reactionary to deliberate deception by the companies they purchase from and customer loyalty is extremely sensitive in this regard. When or if they invest in improving the game, they won't be able to have a large budget for it because of their behavior and the flop of their biggest investment Cyberpunk. They'll need to borrow money, as most companies do, to fuel the development of the game. It's not just customers that were burned by the deception. Any individual or institution that loaned money to CDPR for the development of this game, did so by accepting that they will be paid from future sales, thus the success and popularity, of this game. Here's why the CEO needs to go: as long as he remains at the top, banks will hesitate before they loan him a dime, he had to have extended the pay back of those funds multiple times and like the customers, the banks were also given a smoke and mirrors show about where the game was and what it was going to be…and now CDPR is giving money back to customers…that doesn't change the fact they owe money and developed that game for about a decade. You think the next time he calls and wants to borrow money the same phony smile and handshake will get him a loan?

  3. I played it day one on pc. After day 2 or 3 I played it without any big issues. Played 60 hours and had alot of fun. If I think of gta 5 on xbox360 at the beginning or fallout 4… yeah… it was overreaction.

  4. I agree because even before the game even released people were complaining about ads in game, alleged racism was getting bad press before it released..and with the issues of the release just adding to a way the fans pushed for the game to be released earlier then complained once it did..I beat the game and had a decent time with it …is it buggy yeah for sure..but far from a bad game

  5. I, honest to god, still think the game should have been delayed it a year. Clearly the pandemic ravaged their work and they made a dumb decision to release it in a shit and early access state.

    I recommend playing Cyberpunk Red in the meantime while it gets better. It's actually a pretty fun TTRPG.

  6. I loved the game didn’t have any bugs or glitches at all.. I played on an Xbox one x probably one of my favorite story games of all time.. definitely getting an unjust amount of hate.. I understand not everyone had the same experience as me.. don’t worry everyone it will be great

  7. Unfair…unfair. wow, they dragged their ass developing the game, sold us an unfinished game, marketed with a demo that was fake, then staged a "hacking" to try to generate pity for them, oh but good news we will get multiplayer. They cant make a playable single player mode so we know that will be total joke full of microtransactions. Cdpr is dead to me.

  8. Death threats are dumb, no one deserves hate but yeah I am pretty sure most people know cyberpunks launch had nothing to do with the devs being inept, it's more of the management being greedy.

  9. They shouldnt release a game that is unplayable, so on Console, they should have held off on the release until it was working. On PC though, i agree with Fares. Would I have recommended people to buy the game in the first week or first couple of weeks after release? No, not really. Did i play it and have a good time? Yeah i did. I didnt feel like i was delivered exactly what was promised, but what i got was worth the money in my opinion. It was DEFINITELY NOT worth anyone at CDPR getting deaththreats and stuff over the release. The hate, again, on PC, that it received, was not deserved in my opinion.

  10. My game stuck at after I save takemura, it should be pop out the final mission with hanoko but my game bug , nothing come out … even I finish all the side mission in the map and there supposed to be more side mission like the Kelly one and the one supposed to take Johnny Porsc….. those two don’t pop at all ….. I don’t know what to do I even send them an email but no reply …. now I can’t even finish the game even I wan to … anyone happen like my case ? Helpppppp……


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