Cyberpunk 2077 – Dev Team REVEALS Plan To Fix The Game! Plus Refunds for PS5 and PS4!

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Cyberpunk 2077 News Updates – CD Projekt Red has revealed their official plans on how they plan to fix Cyberpunk 2077, including the issues that face PS4 and Xbox One base consoles. Also, PC will be getting regular updates. And Sony is apparently issuing refunds to those not happen with the PS4 and PS5 versions of the game.

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42 thoughts on “Cyberpunk 2077 – Dev Team REVEALS Plan To Fix The Game! Plus Refunds for PS5 and PS4!”

  1. Running on a 1660ti on laptop and I've only had minor graphical errors that I've seen in literally every other people A game right after release. No crashes or game breaking issues. Actually looks way better than I expected on high/medium settings. Sunrises and sunsets look beautiful in the badlands.

  2. I upgraded to a 1x. As the series x/s isnt available in my area at the moment. I haven't noticed a lot of the issues that other have. I do have a random bug that doesn't accept my button presses to continue random missions. I just reload a recent auto save and problem fixed. I have also encountered the not being able to pick loot up bug. All I do is just leave the area, come back and then I can pick it up. The a. i. Is an issue with any system I think. But all in all I am enjoying the game. Will not be getting a refund.

  3. I love playing cyberpunk 2077 on ps4 even though their is bugs, it still makes me happy playing through it, because I have waited for 8 years as many of us have, and is really worth it!!

  4. "People are just getting so impatient." /smh
    CDPR had an ENTIRE console generation to develop this game. Cyberpunk 2077 had been shown during 2012. The NEXT console generation would launch during November 2013. PS4 and XBOX 1 had lasted until the most-recent console generation launches of November 2020. CDPR launched Cyberpunk 2077 on December 10, 2020, after multiple delays. Again, CDPR had an entire console generation to develop this game, and have failed hard, imo.

    Let's also consider that the game 'refund' offer from CDPR was actually DOA, and only marketing spin, imo. PS4 & M$ have both now pushed back against this idea with qualification. Recognize that CDPR and their AGENTS (stores and platforms) had presold 8 million copies of this game. CDPR has only shared in a percentage of all the revenue earned, but cannot possibly pay out (in refunds) MORE than they've earned from each, individual sale, whether digital or physical copy. CDPR also cannot promise refunds based upon partner-payouts. In other words, CDPR (in an effort to preserve their reputation) cannot 'spend' nor authorize PS or M$ monies for any allocated refunds. CDPR also cannot 'refund' the full price of each individual copy returned because that value amount would far exceed what CDPR had even earned from each prior sale.

    Further, while descriptions and ratings of Cyberpunk 2077 are listed as M, the game also breaches many modern sentiments with regard to social issues through graphic depictions of sexual transhumanism and prostitution, virtual 'snuff' recordings, and other forms of debauchery, further signaled through repeated player interactions (collection/sale) of dildos of various sizes, shapes and colors found upon nearly every refuse pile.

    When your local Walmart clerk refuses your refund request, simply blurt out loudly that as a player, you might be willing to wait for bug fixes; but when grandma has to watch you collect dildos and BBC replicas in-game, those actions challenge grandma's most-fervent religious convictions. Then, of course, wonder-aloud, very loudly, about how Cyberpunk 2077, a game that celebrates forms of satanism, organ harvesting, prostitution, and MORE can be sold upon their store's shelves!?! /grins

    You'll get your refund.

  5. I am running the game on PC and feel the the console players that are experiencing the troubles, but I am enjoying the game with only seeing very few bugs, mostly which are heads inside helmets on non decapitated heads and such or their hands missing upon their deaths. Another bug is that Jacking -In can be buggy at times.

    My specs
    intel i7 6800k
    32Gb 2400 Ram
    Strix RTX 2070 Super Advanced edition GPU
    A 1440p 144Hz Monitor
    Game installed on an SSD

    With RTX turned on I get @ 2560×1440, I can get 60+ fps and the game looks fantastic with most setting set to High a few on Ultra, and some on medium. I maybe one of the lucky ones.

  6. All I know is it's great on the one x. I do have a pc and a series x but I just wanted to try it on one x. And it's great. Feels bad for one s and base xbox one owners tho. Hear they're not having s great time with the game.

  7. We the players, the community have to take responsibility for our part in this and our pressuring for release. Maybe we just needed a happy after Coronavirus who knows but CDPR also needed to a firm parent with us console kids and said "No it will be done when its done".

  8. I’m on ps4 and I’ve had so many problems despite the 1.04 patch. I’m glad others are luckier than me and can actually enjoy it though, I’m probably gonna have to return this I literally cannot play it and it’s upset me so much.

  9. I'm proud of them for being deceitful. It reminded me of when I worked in a toy shop whe I sold £50 of batteries to these parents saying the nerves gun needed them when it had no batteries lol I loved that job wish theh had kept me on after Xmas

  10. First of all people are just now realizing they didn't show base PS4 SERIOUSLY I mean people assume everyone has a ps5 or ps4 pro some can't afford it atm. Don't get me wrong its not that I hate the company cause I don't I still hold them in high regard and that won't change but that aside the game is a masterpiece

    And there not getting my game back I'm waiting for it to fixed

  11. so the patches 1 and 2 are for consoles and the pc will get updated more regular, i imagine because patching the console is not the same as in the pc doesn't need that much patching like the consoles do to get better

  12. I'm curious what cdpr fanboys are thinking as they said "sucker punch can't hold a candle to cdpr for customer friendly". Well now they have it, free update content vs cash grab on broken game

  13. 2080 super, and I'm running it ultra no issues rarely if ever dropping sub 60fps with minimal, just funny bugs. Dunno what the salt is about, I guess the 30 series is performing worse?

  14. Honestly I'm just horrified by the backlash. People seem to forget that this launched during the pandemic, the team is probably working from home and to have them pull this off now is already pretty amazing. Its not easy being a game dev, lots of crunches and lots of hours, so cut some slack for them, just be patient. Also, just how many companies out there are willing to apologize and give you a clear plan of fixes? I'm running a PC build with RTX 3060Ti, there are bugs but its not gamebreaking..just enjoy the game at this moment and soak in the world design.

  15. I’m on pc having a ball 85+ hours in on a 2080s n 10700k playing @ 1440p at 90-107 FPS no ray tracing dlss quality n Ray tracing 45 FPS dlss balance I’m loving the game

  16. I know to some people that games coming out unfinished like this are unacceptable…but at least cdpr are doing something about it and also it's not like they do this on every game release that they do like some other triple A gaming companies.

  17. I'm having a lot of fun with this game in the meantime, though I do hope they get it more optimized. This is the first game that's actually giving my computer a rough time, running on a GTX 1060


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