Cyberpunk 2077 Review: The Final Verdict

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Cyberpunk 2077 Review: The Final Verdict.
In this Cyberpunk 2077 Review, we’ll be taking a look at the new open-world “RPG” from CD Projekt RED, that takes place in an 80’s inspired version of a dystopian future. Cyberpunk 2077 is based on the popular tabletop game Cyberpunk that was created by Mike Pondsmith in 1988, the newest version of which was released digitally in November of this year, though the physical version has been delayed.

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0:00 – Cyberpunk 2077 Review
0:20 – Story and Setting
2:41 – Gameplay
7:09 – Audio and Visual
9:24 – Replayability and Pricepoint
10:29 – Final Thoughts

Cyberpunk 2077 is a joyride into dystopian corporatism that encourages you to run a mile on a mercenary’s boots and do as you please. Lack of meaningful choices and RPG elements limit gameplay thrills to its well-executed gun and swordplay, but those wanting a well-acted and good looking adventure will find themselves right at home.

Story & Setting (7.5)
Gameplay (8)
Design, Audio & Visuals (9)
Pricepoint (8)
Replayability (8.5)
Final Verdict – (8.2)

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24 thoughts on “Cyberpunk 2077 Review: The Final Verdict”

  1. Unpopular Opinion: it's one of the best games ever made and even rivals The Witcher 3. It was never meant to be GTA, Destiny, or Borderlands. The story, characters, and writing are the main focus for their games and while surely, it does lack in the living open world aspect, it makes up for in actual quests.

  2. Good review and after just finishing the game I agree with most of the points. Some I want to add:
    1. The world building is great, but the actual open world doesn't really work that well. You always have to follow your marker (bc there is no real street names or memorable enough lay outs and landmarks to help with orientation), and all side quests start either by phone or you have to be close to somewhere (but specific given locations) to get started. This doesn't really feel like exploring and mostly like ticking a list. Also the world doesn't really react to what you are doing. Also it is not changing or anything. So it is unfortunately really wasted opportunity.
    2. Gameplay is not only repetitive but also really clunky and as a player you don't get enough feedback. Often enough I was just one shotted without knowing by what or whom, enemies spotted me immediately and boss fights feel just like shoot, run away, try to dodge with the clunky movement and shoot. Really a weird scenario.
    3. The quests are great and I often felt like I have to make meaningful choices but as you said in the end it doesn't really matter. There are a lot of great quests and topics dived into but at their climax they just seem to end (e.g. the mayor questline…or your romances…)
    4. Overall the story is also really predictable and as said just progresses in the really late stage of the game.

    All in all I Still played for 50hrs and enjoyed the game. But I mostly pushed forward because of the expectancy of something great to come. In the end I feel disappointed. And I don't think that patches or dlcs will change anything bc the game is just not what I hoped it would be.

  3. Well it's a shame the story didn't really do anything for you. For me it was engaging with interesting complicated characters of which it made be deeply care about and the multiple endings all honour those characters and tell a complete story.

    You mentioned the absence of the antagonist, but I believe this not to be true, because if you think about it night city is the antagonist of cyberpunk. Even if you think that what I just said is complete waffle, I think it's clear to see that night city is its own character in this game just like the city of Baltimore is in the wire. And it is an integral part of the story, and what makes the different characters in this game.

  4. I wasn't the biggest fan of Witcher 3, story was great but nothing else really hooked me (hearts of stone was probably the best part IMO) but this game surprised me, enjoying it much more,. we'll see how it holds up

  5. You know I’ve been hooked on CDPROJEKT RED since the first witcher game. Despite how gorgeous this game looks it’s the most shallow all of the games they made. Even the original Witcher game had more substance than this. I really don’t know what happened when they clearly know how to make good stories and characters and this is all they could put together in 8 years.

  6. There was a place that was run by scanvengers and I cleaned it. At the end I found a ripperdoc in his office who appeared to be tasking the scavengers to kidnap people. As I try to roleplay a good guy, I killed him in his office with my silenced weapon as he was trying to escape. There were no witnesses and my weapon was silenced. Cops instantly teleported on me. I can't tell you how fuckin frustrated I was, it litterally killed my immersion. Not to mention many missions where you get attacked by gang members on the streets, and cops start teleporting on you just because you happen to aim your weapon and there are civilians in the vicinity. Really poor job CDPR…

  7. Hear me out the way you describe the story reminds me of Fallout 4. When you got that vault your looking for your son. You easily lose that focus. There is a lot of wasted potential when it comes to characters.

  8. What I'd normally do with an RPG is do a playthrough kind of winging it, then start again with a new build and make different choices.

    I probably won't this time around. I can see myself coming back to it and trying some different builds but not right away, and not until some major patches hit, so February at the earliest.

    I had the realisation last night, I'd done Judy's, Panam's and Rogue's quest, I did Johnny's side quest and there wasn't much of substance left.

    I liked Claire's missions for the story but driving isn't actually fun.

  9. I personally hate having looter-shooter mechanics in an "RPG". this game was not what was advertised and shown for so many years. it's like they just gave up trying to make their "groundbreaking" systems work and just hired all of the fired programmers from Destiny, the Division, Unity, and Boarderlands. Nothing in this game is new, unique, or pushing the genre forward.


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