Destiny 2 – Next Gen Update Comparison (PS5)

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Bungie dropped a huge update for console owners and the PS5 and Xbox Series X finally have the ability to push to 4K 60FPS. Check out our comparison video showing the differences in FPS and FOV.

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24 thoughts on “Destiny 2 – Next Gen Update Comparison (PS5)”

  1. Remember the first one was a over hyped boring mess then the second was was only a bit better, then the second game went free to play, i do because i played the second game for free and bought the first game over a year later for £2 ow the joys of not being a day one buyer.

  2. I re downloaded this game yesterday …. feels and plays so much better.. I may actually buy the expansion.
    I can never ever go back to 30fps … and that fov option now is also much needed

  3. The short side by sides and not syncing the perspective really hurt the ability to compare. Would also have preferred to see moree focus on first person in general but mostly just the first thing. Love the channel, just trying to give some constructive feedback fwiw.

  4. Disappointing they’ve been doing 4k60 on PCs since 2017. Why couldn’t bungie optimize this to 120FPS. Are the consoles underpowered? Considering that the next gen upgrade does not have any Ray Tracing.

  5. For some reason playing the game in 30fps has a more epic feel to me prob cause it's closer to cinematic frame speeds. High fps Destiny is fun too and feels much snappier but it also feels much more game-y


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