Dyson Sphere from Zero to Sphere Series! Episode 2 – Red Matrices

Welcome to my Dyson Sphere Program Zero to Full Sphere series, where we discuss and play through from…. start to full sphere! I have a few hours experience so I feel I am able to now make a video where I know the consequences of my actions down the 50+ hour road!

In this episode we get our Oil production going! We expand and expand some more! More Iron! More Copper! Oil! And more automation for our mall!
And we finish the episode off with Red Matrices!

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2 thoughts on “Dyson Sphere from Zero to Sphere Series! Episode 2 – Red Matrices”

  1. Early game "island" spacing can be a HUGE pain in the ass depending how how your planet spawns. Interesting that you went the full wind power route to save coal, I used a few thermals to tide me over until I got a (slow) solar panel production line running to occasionally fill up the equator.


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