Epic Games is MOVING Save The World into the Discovery Tab.

In Today’s Video we talk about and theorize what is going on behind the scenes when it comes to Fortnite: Save The World, a mode that has recently received some updates that would allow the complete removal of the Gamemode selector page.

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34 thoughts on “Epic Games is MOVING Save The World into the Discovery Tab.”

  1. Idk, I don’t think that’s right. If you loaded straight into battle royale, it would be really weird. I mean, I’m very aware that they have been pushing save the world back for a long time. This just seems to step over the line a bit

  2. It takes me a few minutes to find the mode I want to play Because of all these dumb creative maps In the discovery tab. So if they add the STW in I’m literally not playing STW ever again.

  3. These updates are just unnecessary at this point, and removing it is just dumb in my opinion, people had so much ideas for save the world and out of all of that they will look to remove it from selection page which nobody ask for

  4. Im not sure if this is good or bad? Cuz now that stw is in br, its unlikely they will abandon it. But now its buried in there. Also how is everything going to work? The stw shop, schematics, collection book and everything


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